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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 09:05


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On 12/11/2017 Dr. Mohammed Kashkoul Alwan received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the number 27412 on 15/11/2017 by His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalil Al-Issa For his outstanding efforts in completing his doctorate during the specified period.

Wednesday, 06 December 2017 08:54


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On July 16, 2017, the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control granted the patent number 4988 to each of the two teaching assistants: M. Dr. Sehamah Issa Saleh Al-Shalaji and a. M. Dr. Fadel Abbas Hashem University of Technology / Materials Engineering Department with MA. Dr.. Odeh Jabbar Berhi Masoudi / University of Babylon Faculty - Materials Engineering and tagged:

(Polyamerican super absorbent synthesis of harmful Eichhornia herb and its use in the fortification of the microcrystals, combating desertification and rheumatism).

Tuesday, 05 December 2017 20:09

Publish a search

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Teaching Staff Lecture Dr. Mohammed Kashkol Alwan from the Materials Engineering Department at the University of Technology Has published a paper in the Arab Journal of Science and Engineering entitled:

"A comparative study of the behavior of the first and second style to break down the epoxy-reinforced epoxy composite panels and stuffed with minutes of borax and minutes"

And the purpose of this research is to study the mechanical properties and durability of the fracture classification  of  these overlays where the research consecrated  on the use of  borax  particles a filler and strengthens the Matrix material has been punctuated Borax Particles gave good results compared with Matrix s and a few  silicon carbide Particles . Knowing that this journal is classified in the Thomson Reuters and it has Impact factor of (0.865). 

Sunday, 03 December 2017 18:03

Quality Check

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At view of ministry of higher education and scientific research in checking the university performance in Iraq, Assist. Prof Dr. fadhel Hashim from technique university of middle Euphrates supervised on a committee of performance check, which starting their job in first meeting held in materials engineering dep.at 20/2/2017, were this committee explain their jobs and it will continue in their jobs till finish.

Sunday, 03 December 2017 18:02


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On 02.26.2017 a lecture was presented by Assist. Prof. Dr. Farhad Mohamed Osman the scientific associate of the Department of Materials Engineering titled:
Review of Rapid Prototype Manufacturing
Which focused on the use of process rapid modeling for the manufacture of prototypes or finished products or the number or templates for polymeric, metallic and ceramic, and techniques where described according to input of the manufacturing process whether the material is a liquid or solid or in the form of powder. This will lead to overcome many of the difficulties associated with the production of the usual means. The lecture was presented in the graduate department hall in the presence of some of the professors of the department and graduate students


Sunday, 03 December 2017 18:00

Volunteer work

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On 03.05.2017 held a Department of Materials Engineering held a volunteer campaign work for students of all academic levels included cleaning and beautifying department including laboratories and external and internal courtyards and classrooms


Sunday, 03 December 2017 17:58

Scientific lecture

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At 12/03/2017 and as a part of scientific activities schedule which prepared by materials engineering department, a scientific lecture was held under the title:
Computer applications in materials engineering
Which speech by Assis. Prof. Dr. Abbass K. Hussien the head of general materials engineering branch which involved the computer software to calculate the input materials in metal, ceramic and composite materials and calculate the mechanical properties like (hardness, tension and creep) and compare it with experimental work with an error less than 4%, an input numbers value to select the optimum condition.
A head of this scientific meeting was done by Assis. Prof. Dr. Farhad M. Othman; dean scientific assistance and with member of Assis. Prof. Dr. Laith Q. Abbass; daen management assistance and Assis. Prof. Dr. Aseel B. Abdulhussien; head of Committee on Conferences in department, also some academic staff and graduate students were attendance on Prof Dr. Fadhil A. Jeaad Hall

Sunday, 03 December 2017 17:55

Thesis Discussion

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At 13/03/2017 Assist Prof.Dr. Akram R.Jabir academic staff in materials engineering Dep./UOT
Participate in discussion committee of graduate student Sura F. Sabri/ materials Eng. Collage university of Babylon for her thesis:
Effect of natural pigments on the phy sical properties of non-polar polymers
This discussion was done at the discussion hall in materials Eng. Collage university of Babylon were the student gain excellent degree.

Sunday, 03 December 2017 17:51

Auditing Committees

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Referring to the book of ministry of higher education and scientific research/ Supervision and Scientific Education Office/ Department of quality assurance and accreditation, order no.60 at 29/1/2017 involved forming special analysis committees related to national ranking, a meeting was done at materials engineering dep hall at UOT 13/3/2017 first meeting for special analysis committee related to national ranking for Iraqi universities quality which headed by prof Dr. Nabiel A.Jadooe from civil engineering and members of:
1. Assist Prof Dr. Suhama E. Salih Materials Eng. Dep.
2. Assist Prof Dr. Abdulkadhim M hassan Mechanical Eng. Dep.
3. Assist Prof Dr. Hussien W. Mashi Mechanical Eng. Dep.
4. Assist Prof Dr. Najim A. Jwaad Oil technology Dep.
5. Assist Prof Dr. Ramzi S. Hameed Oil technology Dep.
6. Assist Prof Dr.Dhuha S. Ahmed Applied Science Dep.
7. Assist Prof Dr. Ahmed S. Abdulameer control Eng. Dep.
8. Assist Prof Dr. Ahmed H. Hameed Architecture Eng. Dep.
9. Lec. Dr. Abduljabbar A.Hinfeesh Electro-mechanical Eng. Dep.
10. Lec. Dr. Khalid F. Sultan Electro-mechanical Eng. Dep.
11. Lec. Dr. Firas F. Said prod. Eng.& Metallurgical Eng. Dep.
12. Assist. Prof. Ahmed A prod. Eng.& Metallurgical Eng. Dep.

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