Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering

About the Branch:

The Materials Engineering Department at the University of Technology Baghdad offers engineering programs leading to acquire the degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Master of Science (M.Sc.), and doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Materials Engineering. The B.Sc. degree includes three different specialties; the "General Materials Engineering”, "Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering ", and the "Polymers Engineering Materials ". These branches were established at 2013. The M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees cover a wide range of research areas related to the major field of Materials engineering. Our fundamental goal is to understand the relation between the structure and chemistry of materials and their deep contact on the final properties of the new product for several applications.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


As we move towards our goal of being a world-class department, we will support research on a global scale. The MaE will inspire its scientific employees to be the best they can be. Thus, we seek to compete with other engineering departments dealing with engineering materials to be the most active.

Our vision is to bring our students into the 21st century through innovation and modern technology. Learning will be enhanced with computer software and new educational means that will allow students to proceed at their own rate according to their ability. This can only be achieved through hard work in the field of attention to the quality and accuracy of the information provided as well as a hard work on having a vision and strategy for laboratory work.


The department of Materials engineering provides access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide leadership and service to their communities. Hence, the MaE can be considered as a distinctive and distinguished learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly and professional fields. It seeks to link its research and teaching to the vast resources of a great metropolis as well as to create academic relationships with many countries and regions.

We also seek to:

  1. Graduating highly qualified ethical material engineers.
  2. Building the leadership qualities in its graduates through teaching how to lead, problem solving, team work, quality considerations, and professionalism at work.
  3. Instilling in graduates the spirit and commitment for acquiring knowledge and community service.
  4. Contributing ideas of projects and carrying out research for the benefit and development of the community.
  5. Nurturing and care of outstanding students and encouraging them to use their skills.


The program educational objectives of the Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering branch are:

Learn how to use the empirical and analytical, statistical and mathematical tools for the exercise of the profession of engineering in the field of ceramics and building materials engineering.

Prepare cadres capable to work in multidisciplinary teams able to how to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems with understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

Engage in activities that promote lifelong learning and the life of graduate professional and provide the flexibility to respond to the changing needs professional and community.

 Academic Staff in the Branch

No. Academic Staff Position Scientific Rank Specific Specialization
1 Dr. Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Al-Ghaban Head of University/ Agency
 Professor MAX Phase
2 Dr. Hussein A. Jaber Head of Department/ Agency & Head of Ceramics Engineering Branch  
Assistant Professor

Materials Engineering

4 Dr. Fadhil A. Rasin Academic Staff Assistant Professor Physical Ceramics
5 Dr. Saad B. H. Farid Academic Staff  Professor Physics Material
6 Dr. Aseel B. Abdul Hussain Academic Staff Assistant Professor Molecular Physics
7 Dr. Alaa A. Abdel -Hamead Academic Staff Assistant Professor Coating Alloy and Powders
8 Dr. Sarmad E. Ibrahim Academic Staff Assistant Professor Materials Engineering
9 Dr. Nahid M. Ali Administrative Assistant & lecturers Representative  & Responsible of Examination Committee
Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering
10 Dr. Ahmad H. Ali Academic Staff Lecturer Materials Engineering
11 Dr. Ayad K. Hasan Academic Staff Lecturer Refractories

Dr. Farhad M. Othman

Director of Continuing Education Center

Assistant Professor

Automation of Casting

13 Dr. Mayyadah Sh. Abd Academic Staff

Assistant Professor

Materials Engineering
14 Dr. Basma H. Mohamad Academic Staff Lecturer Materials Engineering
15 Dr. Sura S. Ahmed Dep. Reporter
Lecturer Physics
16 Dr. Hanaa A. Smaiich Academic Staff Assistant Professor Ceramic
17 Ammar M. Hasan Academic Staff Lecturer Civil Engineering
18 Mina F. Khdair Academic Staff  Lecturer Physics Material
19 Dr. Muhanad N. Jawad Scientific Assistant

Materials Engineering

Composite Materials

20 Shatha R. Ahmed Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Civil Engineering
21 Abeer F. Abbas Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Materials Engineering
22 Lamis S. Faaq Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Materials Engineering
23 Rawnaq S. Mahdy Ceramic Branch Reporter Assistant Lecturer Civil Engineering
24 Ali K. Ahmed Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Computer Systems ٍArchitecture Engineering
25 Aws Muaiad Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer English Language


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