General Materials Engineering

About the Branch:

The Branch of General Material Engineering was established in 1999-2000. The engineer graduating from this branch is a comprehensive engineer, ready to work and render engineering services in industrial, Selecting and design the appropriate engineering material for special application by using best manufacturing technology to obtain a product with the best performance and lowest cost.

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


The General Materials Engineering Branch should be distinguished and creative in the field of specialization. As well as contribute to understanding the nature of the work of discovery, analysis and characterization in this area. And follow up the rapid developments in the field of engineering materials and applications in various fields in accordance with the curriculum of the branch and to graduate cadres qualified and efficient in the field of engineering materials.


The mission of the branch is to prepare specialized engineering personnel in the general materials engineering branch (metals, polymers, ceramics and composite materials) to suit the requirements of the field of work in all scientific and educational aspects, and at the levels of undergraduate (B.Sc.) and graduate studies (M.Sc. and Ph.D.).


  • Graduation of engineers capable of understanding the types of materials, their characteristics, their manufacture and performance in various engineering and industrial applications, which in turn enables them to develop industries and set national standards and specifications to ensure the quality of the product.
  • Insurance the country's need for material engineers to develop solutions to engineering problems related to engineering materials.
  • Upgrading the scientific level of the graduates of the branch to encounter challenges of rapid development in most of the engineering sciences, including design, analysis, selection and characterization.


 Academic Staff in the Branch

No. Academic Staff Position Scientific Rank Specific Specialization
1 Dr. Jamal J. Daood Head of General Materials Engineering  Branch Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering / Applied Mechanics 
2 Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi Academic Staff Professor   Mechanical Engineering / Metals 
3  Dr. Alaa A. Atiyah Academic Staff Professor   Mechanical Engineering / Metals 
4 Dr. Rana A. Majed Academic Staff Professor Corrosion
5 Dr. Fadhil A. Hashim  Scientific Assistant Assistant Professor Metallurgical Engineering
6 Dr. Raad S. Ahmed Academic Staff Lecturer Metallurgical Engineering / Smart Materials
7 Dr. Emad S. Abdulkareem Academic Staff  Professor Metallurgical Engineering / Smart Materials
8 Dr. Abbas K. Husain  Director of the Nanotechnology Center  Professor Metallurgy Engineering
9 Dr. Laith Kais Abbas Academic Staff Assistant Professor Design of Steam Turbines
10 Dr. Wafa M. Saleh Academic Staff Assistant Professor Mechanical  Engineering/Composite Materials
11 Dr. Niveen J. Abdalkadir Academic Staff Assistant Professor Physics Material
12 Dr. Ahmed A. Zain Ulabdeen Academic Staff Assistant Professor Metallurgical Engineering
13 Dr. Arwa F. Tawfiq Academic Staff Lecturer Production Engineering and Metallurgy
14 Majid H. Abdulmajeed Academic Staff Assistant Professor Applied Mechanic
15 Eman E. Koreal Academic Staff Assistant Professor Applied Mathematical
16 Loma A. Jallo Responsible of media Assistant Professor Physiology of athletic training
17 Laith W. Ismail  Administrative assistant
Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering / Fluid
18 Hind B. Ali Branch Reporter Lecturer Industrial Engineering
19 Mervit M. Hanoos Academic Staff Lecturer Physics Material
20 Jabbar H. Mohmmed Academic Staff Lecturer Applied Mechanic
21 Hashim Sh. Niama Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Nuclear Engineering
22 Snaa A. Mahdi Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Business Administration
23 Eman K. Hamzah Academic Staff Lecturer Psychology
24 Mohanad N. Abdulwahed Academic Staff  Lecturer Information Technology
25 Ali A. Muhsan MSc / PhD student  Assistant Lecturer Materials Engineering
26 Sahar H. Ahmed Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Manufacturing Processes
27 Dalia M. Jomah MSc / PhD student  Assistant Lecturer Materials Engineering
28 Haidar Basil Ali Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Business Administration / E-Management