Biomaterials and Prosthesis Engineering Branch

About the Branch:

The branch of biomaterials engineering and artificial compensation was established in the Department of Materials Engineering in 2020, the duration of the study is four years, including practical training for students in hospitals, health clinics, medical rehabilitation centers and physiotherapy, the graduate of this branch is able to contribute to the design, manufacture and development of materials and medical supplies and compensatory human organs and acquire the basic skills that qualify him to provide the basic needs and requirements of government health institutions and cover them.


Vision, Mission and Objectives


The presidency of the Branch of Biomaterials Engineering and Artificial Compensation aims to be one of the most important and prominent engineering disciplines in Iraqi and international universities in the next few years. The branch's presidency also looks forward to being a leader and distinguished at the local and international level in the curriculum and scientific sobriety by keeping pace with the development of scientific research and raising the level of participation in bioengineering research and artificial compensation during international conferences and magazines with sober universities and other academic research centers in advanced countries in this field as well as opening up prospects Medical and health cooperation with government health institutions and academic exchange programs through innovations and inventions in various medical fields.


The branch aims to graduate competent engineers specialized in the engineering of biological materials and artificial compensation combining engineering, medical and biological sciences and professionally qualified to work at a high level in all sectors and health institutions in accordance with the needs of society and the country, as the branch seeks to provide a good working environment for students and faculty members and focus on high academic and professional standards within the campus and outside and encourage the exchange of knowledge and teamwork and train the engineer to analyze and solve biomedical problems in all health centers in accordance with modern scientific bases that take into account the medical and engineering fields through cooperation with its medical staff, through the selection of biological materials that are used inside and outside the human body with the highest specifications and the lowest cost.


 Academic Staff in the Branch

No. Academic Staff Position Scientific Rank Specific Specialization

Dr. Qahtan A. Hamad

Head of The Branch
Assistant Professor

Composite Materials


Dr. Fatemah J. Mohammad

  Responsible for the Documentation and Alumni Division
Assistant Professor


3  Dr. Eshraq A. Kadhum Academic Staff Lecturer Biomaterials 

Dr. Alaa A. Mohammed

Academic Staff Lecturer Materials Engineering

Dr. Hiba A. Abdullah

Academic Staff Lecturer

Materials Engineering

6 Shaymaa J. Ahmed Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Composite Materials

Hawazin S. Fahdil

Academic Staff Assistant Lecturer Composite Materials

Balsam Munim

Academic Staff

Assistant Lecturer



Mohammad M. Jabbar

Academic Staff

Assistant Lecturer

Production and Metallurgy Engineering