Conferences and seminars

No. Conferences / Seminars Name Date
1 use ZOTERO to write references for research and Alatarih 2016/06/21
2 Ways to improve the specification denture base material to add minutes Nanohyderokhlin Abatayt 2016/04/20
3 Tissue engineering 2016/04/20
4 The importance of nanomaterials 2016/04/20
5 Fifth Cultural Season 2016/04/18
6 Uses plastic water pipes (polyethylene) 2016/04/19
7 Peaceful applications of nuclear materials 2016/04/19
8 Workshop in collaboration with the Department of Sports Medicine 2016/04/03
9 Engineering mechanics 2016/01/05
10 Principles of Engineering Materials 2016/01/05
11 Blood Donation Campaign 2015/11/11
12 seminar for students of the third stage 2015/10/04

Petrol Ministry Cooperation with University of Technology


The Fourth Cultural Season Culture Scientific Activities

15 Scientific Lecture about the Harmful Effects of Smoking 14/5/2014
16 First Aid Workshop 12/5/2014
17 Requirements of the Research & Development of Materials within the Activities of the Third Cultural Season in the Department 21/4/2014
18 Scientific Lecture for Human Rights within the Activities of the Third Cultural Season in the Department 20/4/2014
20 Scientific Lecture for (Servant Leadership) within the Activities of the Third Cultural Season in the Department 20/4/2014
21 Scientific Lecture about Elecrto Spinning Technique within the Activities of the Third Cultural Season in the Department 17/4/2014
22 Third Cultural Season in the Department 17/22/4/2014
23 Lecture Health Awareness about Breast Cancer 18/3/2014
24 Course in Continuous Education Center about (Necessary Tests in the Laboratories of Ooil installations) 23-27/2/2014
25 Seminar to Provide a Summary of the New Branches: General Materials Engineering, Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering, Polymer Materials Engineering 22/5/2013
26 The Impact of Smoking and Drugs on Young People 2/5/2013
27 Scientific Lecture for Training Device for the Automatic Analysis Fluids HPLC 8/4/2013
28 A Seminar To Identifying the Syllabus of the Branch "General Materials Engineering" 6/4/2013
29 Seminar for Technological Incubator 1/4/2013
30 Workshop on Harmony Syllabus In the Department of Materials Engineering With Educational Outcomes For the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology 25/3/2013
31 Seminar about Application of Quality Standards and Seeking for Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation in the Department 18/3/2013
32 Biomedical Materials Engineering 12/3/2013
33 Scientific Societies Tributaries of the Advancement in Higher Education 25/12/2012
34 A scientific Lecture about Importance of the the Virtual Library, Registration and Search in the e-Information Source) 6/12/2012
35 Workshop on Research Academy Provided by IREX American Institution 4/12/2012
36 A Scientific Lecture about the Impact of Steroids on Young 27/11/2012
37 Applications of Nano-Technologies in Materials Engineering 13/11/2012
38 Sustainability Concepts in Materials Engineering 23/10/2012
39 Seminar about Feasibility of Adoption of Video Lectures for Syllabus to Preliminary Study 16/10/2012
40 A Scientific Lecture about the Effect of Porosity on Some Properties of the System (Na2O, CaO, SiO2, P2O5) 9/9/2012
41 Effect of SiO2 on the Mechanical Properties of (AL-Cu-Mg) Alloy 27/5/2012
42 Laser and Advanced Materials Engineering: Technology and Application



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