Seminar (Essentials of a Successful Leadership Woman)

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Ahmed Hassan Al-Ghabban and the supervision of the Head of the Materials Engineering Department Assist. Prof. D. Hussein Alaa Jaber, the Materials Engineering Department held an awareness symposium entitled (Ingredients for Leadership and Successful Women) within the activities of the Women’s Empowerment Committee, which was presented by lecturer whose names are listed below, on Tuesday, 05/02/2023, at nine in the morning, in the conference hall in the Control and Systems Engineering Department.

Names of lecturers:

1- Mrs. Hanan Hafez Abdel Ansari / Head of the Rural Girls Development Division / Diyala Agriculture Directorate

2- Mr. Thamer Hassani Sharafi / Qayyim Youth Foundation.

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