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MSc Thesis

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MSc Thesis

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PhD Thesis

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Prof. Dr. Ali Hussein Atiwi and Eng. Participated in the Second International Conference of Materials Science Engineering IConMEAS2019 in University of Technology –Iraq  as a keynote speaker in the subject of ferrous alloys also he co-participated with  PhD Student Zaynab Aziz Butti  

"Mechanical Properties of 27Cr- White Cast Iron subjected to Sub-Zero Heat Treatments"

The study summarized that conventional thermal treatments (hardening and revising) and martensitic revision coefficients were used using saline solutions at 350 ° C. Shock resistance, hardness and erosion resistance were studied. It was found that the use of subzero coefficients increases the mechanical properties, especially erosion resistance.

- Lecturers participated Dr.Alaa Alaa El-Din Abdel Hamid, Dr.. Sura Salem Ahmed, Lect. Shatha Riad Ahmed, .Dr. Mayada Shannan Abed, Prof. Dr. Aseel Bassem Abdel Hussein, engineer Ghofran Hammoud at the Second International Conference of Materials Science Engineering IConMEAS

“2nd International Conference on Materials Engineering & Science” with  a paper titled

“Employed Recycling Materials for the Fabrication of Smart Mortar”

The research summarizes that the smart mortar was manufactured with recycled metal powders from industrial sources to increase the electrical conductivity of cement mortar, thus increasing its use in smart applications such as magnetic shielding and solar cells. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) was adopted for the preparation of modified mortar control samples with recycled additives, where the sand mixing ratio for cement was 1: 3 and the water cement ratio was 0.5 W / C. The substitution rate of recycled aluminum and silicon powders was 1.5% by weight, and the casting and processing time took 7.28 days, respectively. After drying, the structural, mechanical and physical properties were examined along with electrical properties. The results showed that most properties of smart mortar have improved compared to reference cement mortar in particular, the electrical conductivity values ​​increased significantly at low frequencies of aluminum and silicon additives especially at high addition ratio (1.5)% by weight, which makes recycled materials effective in classifying this smart mortar 


Lecturers participated Dr.Aseel Basim, .Dr. Hanaa Arir Smig, Lect. Mervat Mahdi Hanous, Engineer Hassanein Abdel Aoun at the 2nd International Conference of Materials Science Engineering IConMEAS“2nd International Conference on Materials Engineering & Science” with a paper titled

Cementation of Oil Well from Eco- Friendly Waste Natural Materials”

The research summarizes that the most important problems of environmental pollution were addressed through the preparation of environmentally friendly green cement consisting of natural wastes (rice husks) in different additives (0.0.25,0.5,0.75,1,1.5%). Cement The mechanical properties of the samples were measured. It was found that the rate of increase of additives from natural waste (rice husks) leads to increase the strength of pressure and hardness of cement mortar and lack of absorption of crude oil for (7 and 28) days, and after coating with a mixture of sodium silicate plus 5% % Of silicate produced from rice husk ash, so it is possible to benefit m These accumulated wastes are recycled instead of incinerated and used industrially for the purposes of oiling wells in order to obtain a clean and green environment without pollution and reduce the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere when mixing cement with water.


The two Facility staff  participated. Dr. Shimaa Mahdi Saleh Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology, Dr. Noor Sobeih Majid / Baghdad Institute of Technology / Central Technical University in the Second International Conference of Materials Science Engineering IConMEAS“2nd International Conference on Materials Engineering & Science” with a paper titled

“Mechanical Properties and Characterization of Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Tungsten Trioxide Nanoparticle”

In this research, an epoxy compound supported by different concentrations of nanostructured trioxide nanoparticles was constructed to study the effect of these particles on three mechanical properties: hardness, shock and bending. Tests showed a significant improvement in the mechanical properties of the reinforced epoxy composite compared to the non-reinforced epoxy resin, where the hardness, bending strength and shock resistance were increased by increasing the concentration of the reinforced material from (1-3)%. The crystalline structure of the commercial material supporting the epoxy resin was also examined using X-ray diffraction.


Dr. Hanaa Arir / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology. Dr.Adel Khalil Mahmoud / College of Engineering / University of Diyala, Eng. Heba Mohammed Taleb / Ph.D. Student / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology at the Second International Conference of Materials Science

“2nd International Conference on Materials Engineering & Science” with a paper titled

Fabrication of Ni-MWCT nano composite coating by Electro less Deposition Technique”

The aim of this research was to prepare a nickel-based nanocomposite coating with electrostatic deposition technique, an alternative method for obtaining coating with excellent corrosion protection properties in medical applications by comparing MWCNT with nickel coating with different concentrations



Faclitiy staff   Dr. Aseel Basim Al-Zubaidi, Prof. Alaa Alaa El Din Abdel Hamid, Eng. Shatha Riad Ahmed / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology, a. Ayman Ajour / Center for Nanotechnology / Canada Ahmed Tabbakh / Department of Physics / College of Science / University of Nahrain had participated in the Second International C onference of Engineering Materials Science IConMEAS“2nd International Conference on Materials Engineering & Science”

"Comparative Study of Erosion Wear of Glass Fiber/Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Al2O3 Nano and Micro Particles"

The study summarized that the corrosion rate of the composite materials consisted of glass fibers with epoxy with the addition of alumina powder once in nanoparticle size and once in microspheres size.


Dr. Raad Suhail Ahmed Adnan  from the department of Materials Engineering /University of Technology-Iraq  alongside with Dr.Muna Khiether Abbass /Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy /University of Technology –Iraq  and Dr Munther Mohamed Al-Kubaisy(Presently Retired )  Had Participated in the “2nd International Conference on Materials Engineering & Science”

Which was held at the university of Technology-Iraq 

"Effect of Ce Addition on Mechanical Properties and Shape Memory Effect of Cu-14%Al -4.5%Ni Shape Memory Alloy."


The Paper investigates  the addition of the element cerium, a rare earth element to the memory alloy of the type of Cu-14% Al -4.5% Ni and study the effect on mechanical properties by manufacturing of alloy by castingwith the addition of the element cerium in three different Precentages (0.3,1,3)% and then conduct a Micro Hardness test and compression test as well as the effect on shape memory properties By  differential Scanning calorimetry (DSC)  and Thermo-Mechanical Compression testing with scanning electron microscopy(SEM) , X-ray fluorescent for chemical analysis and X-ray diffraction (XRD) for the Phase formed .

Prof.Dr. Ali Hussein Atiwi in the Fourth Conference of Building Engineering, Building and Environment

 "The 4th International conference of Buildings, construction, & environmental Engineering (BCEE4 -2019)"

 It was held in Istanbul at the Technical University of Istanbul for the period from 7-9 November 2019.

"Study the Effect of Using Different Quenching Mediums on Erosive Wear Behavior of High Chromium White Cast Iron".

Note that this research is jointly with doctoral student Zainab Butti Aziz.

Research Summary

In this study, different hardening media were studied in the treatment of martensitic review on wear rate, microscopic composition and shock resistance of high chromium white cast iron. Two hardening agents were used at a temperature of 350 o C for different periods of time each. These two mediums are a mixture of dissolved nitrate salts and the second is a mixture of dissolved hydroxides. Both cells were found to increase erosion resistance, but nitrate mixture showed better erosion resistance, especially when treated with martensitic review at 350 ° C for 4 hours.

 Also Dr. Ali Hussein Atiwi chaired the final session of the conference

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 07:38

Paper publication

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The Department of Materials Engineering welcomed its students on Sunday 20/10/2019 for the academic year 2019-2020 where the students started taking lectures for the first semester

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Paper publication

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Assisstant Professors Alaa Alaa El-Din Abdel Hamid, Prof. Farhad Mohammed from the Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology Had Published their paper entitled

"Effect of nano powder (Al2O3-CaO) addition on the mechanical

Properties of the polymer blend matrix composite"

As a research drawn from doctoral student Haidar Abbas Salal in Defense Technology magazine with an impact factor of 1.261 issued by the Clarift Foundation and Elsevier Publishing in July 2019.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 06:21


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, esteemed Head of Materials Engineering Department / University of Technology, met with a group of teaching staff delegation from the Mayerority of Baghdad / production units on Tuesday, 22/10/2019, based on their request in the book number SQ 883 on 15/10 They discussed in the meeting several axes namely Project to recycle damaged tires to produce rubber granules and use in plastic mixtures Plastic recycling project and production of waste bags. Cardboard sorting and pressing project.The meeting consisted of Engineer Abdul Jabbar Khalaf Al Jazairi, Eng. Mohammed Qasim Mohammed, Eng. Aseel Globe Muzan, Eng. Ata Kadhim Ghadhban / Baghdad Municipality / Production Units. Professors and Professors

Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghabban, Prof. Dr. Kazem Matar Shabib, Prof. Dr. Khaled Khodair, M.E. Hashem Sharif / Material Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Riad Sadek / Chemical Engineering Department The meeting focused on an integrated feasibility study on the establishment of small industrial units to produce the above-mentioned materials






Tuesday, 12 November 2019 06:16

Scientific visit

A delegation from the General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries visited the Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology on Monday 21/10/2019 in order to open the horizons of scientific cooperation in relation to the subject of nanotechnology. The delegation was attended by Eng. Salah Hameed Jabr and Eng. Rasha Riad Hamouda. Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan El-Ghabban Head of Materials Engineering Department Dr.Nevin Jamal, Dr. Khaled Khodair, Dr. Aseel Bassem, M. Aseel Mahmoud

- On 10/10/2019, Prof. Alaa Alaa El-Din Abdel Hamid and master student Alaa Zamel Dahsh field visit to the Ministry of Water Resources / Studies and Designs Department (National Research Center), according to the book number 13 AH / 2667 in 17 / 9/2019 And to see directly on the workflow and find possible ways to complete the requirements of the research master's titled

Fabrication of Ceramics Materials for Building Applications for Cracks Treatment

In addition to find the mechanism for the conclusion of a contract with the company mentioned to carry out all the requirements of research and access to the possibilities and equipment available and visit the Department of Inspection and Quality Control and access to laboratories.



Tuesday, 12 November 2019 06:15


Dr.  Iyad Kadhim Hassan teaching at the Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology in the workshop Titled (national classification of universities quality) held by the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance on Wednesday 11/9/2019.