Course description for the Polymeric and Petrochemical Materials Engineering Branch



First Semester

Fourth Stage Third Stage Second Stage First Stage
 Composite Materials-Ι Polymer Fibers Technology I Manufacturing Processes-I Structure of Materials
 Selection of Engineering Materials-Ι  Materials Inspection and Characterization I Strength of Materials-I Engineering Drawing
 Polymers Technology-Ι Petrochemicals Heat Transfer and Fluids-I Mathematics-I
Design of Engineering Materials-Ι   Engineering Polymers I Metallurgical Engineering Engineering Mechanics/Static
 Polymer Blends Statistics Mathematics-I Democracy and Human Rights
 Petroleum Materials Technology Numerical and Engineering Analysis I  Ceramic Engineering Workshop
 Introduction to Engineering Ethics Nanotechnology Solid State Physics English Language
 Medical and Bio–Polymers Thermodynamics-I Materials Chemistry  
 The crimes of the Baath regime in Iraq


Second Semester


Fourth Stage Third Stage Second Stage First Stage
 Composite Materials-ΙΙ  Polymer Fibers Technology II Manufacturing Processes-II Properties of Materials
 Selection of Engineering Materials-II  Materials Inspection and Characterization II Strength of Materials-II Mechanical Drawing
 Polymers Technology-ΙI  Petroleum Chemistry Heat Transfer and Fluids-II Mathematics- II
 Design of Engineering Materials-II  Engineering Polymers II Programming Language Engineering Mechanics/Dynamic
 Conductive Polymers  Rubber Technology Mathematics-II Materials Physics
 Technology of Petrochemical Industries  Polymerization Processes Polymers engineering Workshop
 Rules of Engineering Ethics
 Numerical and Engineering Analysis II Introduction of Biomaterials Principles of Computer Science  
Sustainability of Materials  Thermodynamics-II