Course description for the Ceramic and Building Materials Engineering Branch



First Semester

Fourth Stage Third Stage Second Stage First Stage
 Composite Materials-Ι Fundamentals of Powder Technology  Manufacturing Processes-I Structure of Materials
 Selection of Engineering Materials-I Materials Inspection and Characterization-I Strength of Materials-I Engineering Drawing
 Refractories Building Materials-I  Heat Transfer and Fluids-I Mathematics-I
 Design of Materials Engineering –I  Statistics Metallurgical Engineering Engineering Mechanics/Static
Bioceramics   Numerical and Engineering Analysis-I Mathematics-I Democracy and Human Rights
 Surface Engineering Ceramics Ceramic Engineering Workshop
 Introduction to Engineering Ethics Semiconductors  Solid State Physics English Language
 Nanotechnology Thermodynamics-I Materials Chemistry  
 The crimes of the Baath regime in Iraq


Second Semester


Fourth Stage Third Stage Second Stage First Stage
 Composite Materials-ΙΙ Ceramic Materials Technology  Manufacturing Processes-II Properties of Materials
 Selection of Engineering Materials-II  Materials Inspection and Characterization-II Strength of Materials-II Mechanical Drawing
Functional and Engineering Ceramic Materials   Building Materials-II Heat Transfer and Fluids-II Mathematics- II
Design of Materials Engineering –II  Phase Transformations and Heat Treatments Programming Language Engineering Mechanics/Dynamic
 Failure Analyses and Fracture Mechanisms  Numerical and Engineering Analysis-II Mathematics-II Materials Physics
 Advanced Surface Engineering  Glass Materials Polymers engineering Workshop
Rules of Engineering Ethics   Electric and Magnetic Ceramic Materials Introduction of Biomaterials Principles of Computer Science  
 Sustainability of Materials Thermodynamics-II