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Materials Today: Proceedings a Scopus indexed journal from Elsevier Publications has published a joint paper for Lect. Dr. Raad Suhail Ahmed Adnan with Prof.Dr, Muna Khitreir Abbass and Retired Dr. Munther Mohammed Al-Kubaisy, a paper entitled

Computer Approach of Effect of 0.3 % of Ge,Te and Ce Additions on Thermodynamic Properties and Shape Memory Effect of Cu-14%Al-4.5%Ni Shape Memory Alloys

The Paper studied the effect of 0.3% addition of Germanium, Tellurium and Cerium on Cu-14%Al-4.5%Ni, which was elaborated by casting, Homogenized, the effect of the additions on Thermo –Mechanical Properties was studied theoretically by building a MATLAB Model to calculate and graph a Hysteresis loop and Thermo-Graphs by DSC and calculating enthalpy and entropy and comparing that with experimental results.


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