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Participation in the discussion of the MSc student

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Assistant prof. dr. Ahmad Ameed Zainalabidin at University of Technology/ Materials Engineering Department participated in a master defense of the student Sahar Falah Hasan on Sunday, May 30th /2021, at Babylon University/ Materials Engineering College, the dissertation entitled "Surface Modification of Biomedical NiTi Shape Memory Alloy using Micro Arc Oxidation coating". The Committee included:

  1. Professor Dr. Hayder Hasan Jaber as a chair.
  2. Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmad Ameed Zainalabidin as a committee member.
  3. Professor Dr. Sameer Hamid Awad as a committee member.
  4. Professor Dr. Nawal Muhammad Dawood as an advisor.
  5. Assist. Professor Dr. Iqbal Muhammad Saeed as an advisor.

Congratulations to the student on her graduation.



















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