Researches of Dr. Hanaa Areer Smaich


No Name of search Single/ Common (names of researchers)  Name of journal IF Year of Publishing Abstract
1 Fabrication and Characterization of Alumina
Tube by Thermal Spray Forming
M. A. Mohammed & Sh. A. Zaidan
AIP Conference Proceedings 1809, 020034   2017   
2  Effect of Inhibition by Honey on Corrosion Behavior of Composite Materials from Al-4% Si Alloy Reinforced with Y2O2 Particales  Mervit M. Hanoos  Engineering and Technology Journal, Vol. 36, Part A, No. 11    2018   
3 Study the Corrosion and Wear properties of Al-12.5Si-3.5Cu
alloy in the acidic and basic environments 
   Journal of Kerbala University , Vol. 9 No.1 Scientific   2011   
4 Investigation of Ceramic Coating
by Thermal Spray with Diffusion of Copper
M. Mohammed & Sh. Zaidan  Proceedings of the 16th Czech and Slovak Conference on Magnetism, Košice, Slovakia   2016   
5 Near Net Shape Fabrication of Ceramic Composite Tube by
Thermal Spray Forming
M. Mohammed & Sh. Zaidan IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering   2018   


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