Tuesday, 02 July 2019 07:09

Maintenance News

With the help of God, the last phase of maintenance for this year was carried out and included:
1. Comprehensive maintenance of the ultrasonic ultrasonic cleaning machine located in the powder laboratory.
2. Maintenance of a domestic-made tubular furnace by replacing the thermometers, thermocouples and the combustion chamber. The furnace is in the heat treatment laboratory.
3. Maintenance of the Precision Hardness Testing System of the Times type, which is located in the material testing laboratory due to a break in the flexible springs and other faults that have been fixed.
This brings the number of devices that have been maintained and installed to more than 17 devices in a record period not exceeding 4 months and without a negligible cost. This achievement was carried out by the committee concerned with the membership of both. Khaled Khethair Abbas and M. Head of Engineers Mohamed Mahdi Jabbar Ahmed Ameed Zainalabideen


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