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Awards a master's degree



Materials Engineering Department/ University of Technology awards a master's degree to the students Rand Ayad Abd Al-Qader for her tagged thesis

“Experimental and theoretical analysis of Prosthetics manufactured from composite laminates under static and dynamic loadings”.


Whereas, the discussion took place in the graduate studies hall in building B in the department on Wednesday, 12/21/2022 at 9:00 A.M. and the discussion committee consisted of Messrs:

  • Prof. Dr. Adnan A. AbdulRazak (Chairman).
  • Assist. Prof. Dr . Ayad K. Hassan (member).
  • Lec. Dr. Sura S. Ahmed (member).
  • Assist. Prof. Dr.Kadhum M. Shabeeb (member and supervisor).
  • 5.Assist. Prof. Dr.. Hussein K. Mahmoud (member and supervisor).


In addition to evaluating the thesis scientifically by Prof. Dr.Khalid A.Sukkar/University of Technology/Department of Chemical Engineering , and Prof. Dr. Ayad M. Takhakh/ Al-Nahrain University/ College of Engineering/ Department of Chemical Engineering, and linguistically evaluated by Assist. Prof. Dr. Laith W. Ismail/ University of Technology/ Department of Materials Engineering.


limb that is known as a socket from composite laminates to make it light, flexible, and comfortable.

These laminates are manufactured from fabric layers such as carbon, glass, and Kevlar (i.e., macro hybridization) and different fabric layers with micro particles (i.e., micro hybridization).

To improve the thermal and mechanical characteristics of the socket, multi-scale hybridization was employed in this study.



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