Wednesday, 30 November 2022 06:17

The afforestation campaign of the University of Technology

A group of teaching staff from the Department of Materials Engineering participated in the University of Technology's afforestation campaign on Thursday 11/24/2022, which was set up by the Municipality of Baghdad in cooperation with the Presidency of the University of Technology and the volunteer work team under the slogan of a green homeland map to increase green spaces in the university. The campaign was attended by: Asst.Prof.Dr. Luma Akram, Asst.Prof.Dr. Fatima Jaafar, Asst.Prof.Dr. Nevin Gamal, Dr. Sura Salem,  Dr. Abeer Farouk, L. Aseel Mahmoud, L. Eman Kazem, Asst.L Bashar Rida.


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