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The Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology, in cooperation with the Baghdad Women’s Association and the Baghdad Debating Club, held a debate entitled (University uniform is indispensable).

That was on Wednesday, 30/6/ 2021 at eleven in the morning in the discussion room in the Civil Engineering Department. The debate was held in the presence of the Head of the Materials Engineering Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussein Alaa Jaber and the scientific assistant Lec. Dr. Muhannad Najah. Where the side of the debate opinion was represented by the teaching staff in the Department of Materials Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Osama Abbas, as for the opposition side, it was represented by the Fourth Stage student, Sarah Jalil Khaseef, Department of Materials Engineering/Branch of Polymeric and Petrochemical Materials.

The side that supports the view that the university uniform cannot be dispensed with has shown that wearing the university uniform has advantages, including: decent appearance, a sense of university affiliation, respect for self and others, achieving equality among students in terms of appearance, and maintaining the sanctity of the campus. Among the disadvantages of not wearing the university uniform: the university environment turns into a theater for fashion shows, embarrassment of students who are not well off, preoccupation with students’ ideas of showing off through acquisition and diversity in models, and the students’ thinking is dispersed, and finally in terms of security, it is difficult for security to identify strangers if the university uniform is not worn.

As for the side opposing wearing the university uniform, the student showed that a person does not determine his value and identity as a specific piece of clothing in a certain color, and that changing colors for the student makes him happy and improves his psychology and thus attends lectures while he has a thought that is ready and receptive to various information, and finally that the diversity of clothes makes the student open to others no matter what are their religions or sects.

At the end of the debate, the Head of the Materials Engineering Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussein Alaa Jaber distributes certificates of appreciation to each of Miss Batoul Hussein Ali (Project Manager of Mahalla 21 / Baghdad Women's Association), Mr. Muhammad Abdul Rahim Ahmed ( Director of Baghdad Debating Club), Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Osama and the student Sarah Jalil.










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