Tuesday, 26 May 2020 14:58

Participation in discussion

Aseel Basem Abdul Hussein on of  / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology Teaching staff  participated in a discussion
Ph.D. student Doaa Abdel Reda Mousa, her thesis titled

 Interaction between natural and industrial polymers with determination of accompanied energy

 And that was held in the discussions hall at  College of Materials Engineering / University of Babylon on Thursday 21/2020, and the discussion committee was formed from the gentlemen whose names are listed below:
1. Prof. Muhammad Hamzah Al-Maamouri as Chairman
2. Prof. Aseel Basem Abdul-Hussein as a member
3. Prof. Zulfiqar Karim Mazal member
4. Prof. Dr. Zeina Saeed Al-Fadhli member
5. Prof. Dr. Ismail Muslim Alwan as a member
6. Prof. Jalil Karim Muhammad a member-supervisor
7. Prof. Dr. The return of Jabbar Brihi, member-supervisor

Prof. Aseel Basem Abdel-Hussein was discussing the student remotely via Skype.
The discussion was conducted in a scientific atmosphere, and the student was awarded a Ph.D. degree with a (completed) grade after completing all the modifications that were made by the discussants


 A medical therapeutic polymeric film to form a new skin made with the addition of iodine to the natural chitosan polymer. In this work, I2 was used in preparing medical polymeric films to treat wounds and help heal them, as iodine vapor reaches all parts of the wound, treats it, and helps in its healing. Iodine was loaded onto biopolymer films made of chitosan polymer by one weight (14%) in two ways, the coating method and the composite method. The cost of production  medical biopolymeric film consisting of chitosan and iodine, with a weight of 32.0 g, a thickness of 125 microns, and a diameter of 8 cm was 150 Iraqi dinars (0.125 cents)


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