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Doctorate student discussion

Doctorate student Maha Jassim Muhammad discussed her thesis titled 

 "Preparation and modification of PVC-grafting-AM membrane for wastewater treatment"
And that was held in the discussion hall / Building C / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology on Sunday 5/3/2020, and the discussion committee was formed from the masters whose names are listed below:
1. Prof.Dr. Zuhair Jabbar Abdul Amir as president
2. Prof. Dr. Ammar Saleh Abay as a member
3. Prof. Dr.Rana Afif Majeed As member
4. Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdul-Jabbar Saleh as a member
5. Prof. Dr. Alaa Alaa El-Din Abdel Hamid as a member
6. Prof. Kazem Matar Shabib supervisor
7. Prof. Dr. Bassam Ibrahim Khalil supervisor
The message was evaluated scientifically by Prof. Dr. Auda Jabbar Brihi / Babylon University / College of Materials Engineering, and linguistically by Prof. Dr. Samir Ali Amin / University of Technology / Mechanical Engineering Department



Asymmetric ultrafiltration flat sheet membranes were prepared by phase inversion method to produce new hydrophilic membranes from hydrophobic PVC by partially dehydrochlorination process with NaOH solution (1, 3, 5) molarity then grafting copolymerization with acrylamide via grafting-from method. The efficient grafting was at graft 3M membrane as proved by PWF and other related characterization of membranes, also the graft 3M membranes with 3 wt.%PVP  and 1wt% TiO2 display the efficient values

The discussion was conducted in a scientific atmosphere, and the student was awarded a Ph.D. degree with a (Pass ) grade after completing all the modifications that were made by the discussants.



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