Wafaa Mahdi Salih

Cinque Terre

Wafaa Mahdi Salih

Materials Engineering Department

Assist Professor

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Wafaa M. Salih was born in Baghdad, Iraq in October of 1970. He received her B.Sc , M.Sc and PhD. degrees in 1994 ,2001 and 2007 respectively from U.O.T, Iraq. From 2001 -till now joined at the Faculty of university of technology ,at Centre of training and workshops ,then in Materials engineering she has been an Assist.Prof. in composite materials . at the UOT, Iraq.
Starting scientific publishing since 2007, she has about 40 publications in national and international conferences and journals.

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Ph.D., Engineering Education Technology-Mechanical Engineering - University of Technology, Iraq, 2007

M.Sc., Engineering Education Technology-Mechanical Engineering,University of Technology, Iraq, 2001

B.Sc., Engineering Education Technology-Mechanical Engineering,University of Technology, Iraq, 1993

Composite materials ,polymeric materials ,polymer blend

1. Non liner dynamic of thick composite plates with effect of shear & rotary inertia.
2. The effect of time variation on the wear sliding behavior of composite.
3. Mi- study the effect of physical properties of polyester –fiberglass.
4. A novel design of lower vehicle arm based on optimization technique.
5. Diffusion of Salt Water and Alkaline Solutions in Polyester reinforced by glass fiber: experimental study
6. Studying the Effect of temperature on the diffusion of alkaline solution in polyester reinforcement by fibers glass.
7. تاثير اضافة المطاط الطبيعي لراتنج الالكايد على بعض الخواص الميكانيكية
8. Study the effect of diffusion properties for chemically treated fiber reinforced polyester
9. Effect of Heat Treatments on Microhardness and Roughness of Al-4Ti/1wt% MgO Composite
10. Effect of tempering on thermal analysis of Al-Ti-Si alloy and its composites
11. Effect of Heat Treatment on Corrosion Behavior of Al-4Ti/MgO-SiC Composite
12. comparative study between specifications of two groups of the ternary polymer blend used in structural applications
13. Improvement of Corrosion Behavior of Al-Ti Alloy By Adding 2wt% Magnesia and 1wt% Silicon Carbide
14. Study the Effect of adding Natural Rubber and Polymethyl Methacrylate to the Epoxy Resin on the Quantitative Analysis and its Mechanical Properties
15. Study the effect of some mechanical behavior for chemically treated natural fiber based polymer composites
16. . Evaluating the effect of some mechanical properties for chemically treated various natural fibers reinforced polyester composite.
17. . Preparation and Characterization of Polymers Blends Hybrid Nano composites for Structural Applications
18. Comparative Study of the Flexural Strength and Impact Strength properties Between Two Types of the Ternary Polymer Blends
19. . Investigation of Some Mechanical Properties of Ternary Polymer Blends Based on Polypropylene
20. Preparation and Studying of Some Mechanical Properties of Polymer Blend
21. Some mechanical and physical properties of cement mortar reinforced by steel wires of scrap tires
22. Effect of adding nanoparticles from zirconia or alumina on some mechanical properties of the ternary polymer blend
23. Mechanical properties of chemical treated jute fiber reinforced polymer composites

Strength of materials 2011- 2016

basic of composite materials

composite materials engineering

• Certificate from India 2009 • Certificate from USA 2013 • Certificate from World Bank 2012 • Certificate from Egypt 2012 • Certificate from KUFA University 2011 • Certificate from Institute Of International And Education IIE 2011 • Certificate from many departments in UOT from 2008-2014 • Certificate from Iraqi university 2016 • Certificate from Salahaddin University-Erbil 2016 • Certificate from Iraqi university 2017 • Certificate from international conference 2018 ( was a session chair for TMREES18) • Certificate from international conference 2018 (as a Researcher in TMREES18) Training Course 1- International Training Programmed On Standardization And Quality Assurance For Developing Countries. Training In India From 12/10/2009 - 4/12/2009 2- Conference and Workshops In Quality Assurance. In Egypt 2-3/9/2012 3- Workshops Lessons Learned From Benchmarking University Governance In Mena. Organized By world bank . In Morocco 10-11/12/2012 4- Conference and Workshops Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education Organized By Institute Of International and Education IIE. In Irbil 29-31/1/2012. 5- Workshops In “Lessons Learned From Benchmarking University Governance In Mena “from 10-11/12/2012 established by the world bank