the Department foundation

The materials engineering department (equivalent to college) founded in the University of Technology in 1999/2000 and the first B.Sc. group was graduated in 2002/2003. The evening studies in the department had started in 2000/2001.

Materials Engineering Department is the fourth department of its kind in the country, where the first materials engineering department was founded in engineering college / Babylon University in 1993/1994 and followed by the materials engineering department in engineering college / Mustansirya University in 1998/1999 then the Engineering college / Basrah University in 1999/2000.

Postgraduate studies have been founded in this department in 2002/2003 in the specialty of materials engineering.
The curriculums of the department have been revised in 2002/2003 - 2004/2005 where new curriculums have been applied through the next years. The innovation of curriculums have been depending on dignified European, Americans, Dutch universities guides, due to the continuous need to develop the curriculums and to accompany the fast development in this field.

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