vision,mission and objectives


The Department of Materials Engineering is a pioneer and innovator in the field of scien tific knowledge in this broad specialization is our most important priority. Our vision is to contribute to the basic concept required to launch the effort required for discovery and analysis in material science and engineering. We seek to be a vibrant and supportive society in this field by enabling advanced technologies to provide some leadership through education and scientific research.

The mission of material engineering department is to provide an educational engineering with high specific quality, high level researches in material field and support the industries in country. Beside, providing an engineering staffs with the specialization of material engineering whom able to select material, and use them in design for different applications which can be done by experiment and convoy the global development in materials engineering.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):
Objective#1: Graduate elite engineers have ability to understand the relationship between structure, properties, applications and performance of engineering materials to develop the industry in country.
Objective#2: Graduate engineers able to create suitable solutions for engineering problems related with contemporary issues in different applied and industrial fields through working in multidisciplinary teams to solve these problems.
Objective#3: Graduate engineers with good skills to do analysis and characterization for different engineering materials by using recent devices and techniques.


Graduate outcome

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