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Alaa Aladdin Abdul Hamead

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Alaa A. Abdul-Hamead was born in Baghdad, Iraq in Spetember of 1974. I received my B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD degrees in 1997 and 2000 and 2006 respectively from University of Technology- Department of Applied Sciences - Material Sciences branch , Baghdad, Iraq. From 2000-naw, I was teaching in Materials Engineering Department, University of Technology. Since 2011, I have a Assist Prof. degree.
Starting scientific publishing since 2001, I have more than 50 publications in national and international conferences and journals (SCOPUS and CLARIVATE). Assist Prof. Alaa is a member in Nanotechnology Society, Society of inventors and innovators and Iraqi Forum of Inventors. I have 9 MsC and 6 PhD students. Participation in many research scientific Gallery and get golden medals. Inventions and patents have five. Review of several research journals. Searcher Directions: Production of nano-powders, Building Materials, Ceramic Coating, TCO Coating, Alloy coating, recycling Materials and Gas Sensors.

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Ph.D., Materials Technique, University of Technology, Iraq, 2016

M.Sc., Materials science. University of Technology, Iraq, 2000

B.Sc., Materials science . University of Technology, Iraq, 1997

Participation in many research scientific Gallery and get golden medals. Inventions and patents have five. Review of several research journals. Searcher Directions: Production of nano-powders, Building Materials, Ceramic Coating , TCO Coating, Alloy coating, recycling Materials and Gas Sensors.

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1- Gold Medal: Everest Organization Development Training/ NGO/ International scientific competition for professors and researcher. Patent Competition Research conducted by Everest International for Development Training and the European-French Association of Inventors WHERE WAS AWARDED A GOLD MEDAL AND INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE No. AAA2004319/2019 2- Gold Medal: Successful women in chemistry/ Al- Nahrain University, ACS 2018. 3- Gold Medal: Patent Gallery of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Industrial Research and Development Authority, C.O.S.Q.C./ 2018. 4- Silver Medal: Conference and Gallery of Innovation, the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works/2019. Patents B05B7/ 16 B05C7/ 19/04 C23C24/04 Design and Manufacture of Cold Spraying Device to Produce Coatings Dose not Affected by Water and Dust Super Hydrophobic H01L31/02 H01L31/18 Fabrication of Smart Gas Detector from Tri Metal Oxides via Developed Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Technique C04B2111/ 0034 C04B2111/ 00637 Manufacturing Nanostructured Oxides by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis and Included in Mortars Material to be used for Construction Applications C04B2111/00008 Fabrication of Nanopowder from Waste Cement Factory and Used in this Cement Mortar. A615B2010/ 0087 A61B5/082 A61B5/08 A615B2010/ 0009 (Fabrication of Multi Smart Detector from Tri Metal Oxides for Biomedical Diagnosis Application). Acknowledgements • Acknowledgement for Inauguration materials Eng. Dep. • Acknowledgement for Loading Lecture On Dep. Web site. • Acknowledgement for Gallery of Advance Coat Application • Acknowledgement for Carnival sovereignty • Acknowledgement for Graduation Gallery day • Acknowledgement for Carnival sovereignty • Acknowledgement for Appraisal work in department • Acknowledgement for Lecture Early checkup of breast cancer • Acknowledgement for Publish Research • Acknowledgement for Interviewed candidates for postgraduate studies • Acknowledgement for Gallery marketing scientific productions • Acknowledgement for Publish Research • Acknowledgement for Appraisal work in department