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Nadia A. Betti

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Nadia A. Betti was born in Baghdad, Iraq in september of 1974. She received her B.Sc , M.Sc and PhD degrees in 1996 , 2005 and 2020 respectively from chemistry department/college of science/mustansiriayh university, Iraq. Since 2012
she has been a lecturer at the university of technology , Iraq. Starting scientific publishing since 2005, she has more than 10 publications in national and international journals.

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PhD., Organic Chemistry,Mustansiriayh University,Iraq,2020

M.Sc., Industrial Chemistry,Mustansiriayh University,Iraq,2005

B.Sc., Chemistry,Mustansiriayh University,Iraq,1996

Polymer synthesis, biological activities of organic compounds

Polymer synthesis

biological activities of organic compounds

Certificate of Appreciation, University of Technology (UOT),Office of the President - July 2016