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Abeer F. Abbas

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Abeer F. Abbas was born in KSA in February 1984. In 2005, she graduated with B.Sc. in Materials Engineering at the University of Technology, Iraq. Her first job position was in 2006 at the University of Technology. In 2014, she completed her master's degree with an excellent degree for her master's thesis from the same college. Also, in 2014, she has been an assistant lecturer of Materials Engineering at the UOT, Iraq. In 2015, she joined a Ph.D. study at the same University, and she completed her Ph.D. research at the College of Engineering at the University of Tehran, Iran, according to the mission program from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Iraq. In 2021, she achieved her Ph.D. research with an excellent degree, and she has also been a lecturer in Materials Engineering at the UOT, Iraq. Her scientific field focuses on energy materials, nanotechnology, solid oxide fuel cells, advanced material development for aerospace engineering, and clean energy. Starting scientific publishing in 2010, she has many publications in national and international journals and conferences. In addition, she is a reviewer of national and international journals and conferences. Dr. Al-Attar is a vice manager in one of the NGOs in Iraq.

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Ph.D., Materials Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq, 2021.

M.Sc., Materials Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq, 2014.

B.Sc., Materials Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq, 2005.

Ceramic Refractories, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) analysis, Fuel cells performance, Nanomaterials, SEM and FESEM analyses, XRD analysis, Composite materials, Electrical properties, Physical properties, and Mechanical properties by Nanoindentation test.

1-Characterizations of Synthetic 8mol% YSZ with Comparison to 3mol %YSZ for HT-SOFC.
2-Manufacture of Light Weight Ceramic Bodies as Thermal Insulator From Local Material.
3-Using Iraqi Materials to Produce Lining Refractories with International Standards.
4-Ionic conductivity of Gamma-Al2O3 and Pb3O4 dopants in 8mol%YSZ as Electrolyte in SOFC.
5-Electrical Conductivity and Physical Characterizations of Y-TPZ Electrolyte in HT-SOFC
6-Comparison in Physical and Mechanical Properties between Doped and Non-Doped Y-TZP Electrolyte for HT-SOFC.
7-Mechanical Characterizations of Boron Oxide Doped Yttria-stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Electrolyte for High-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Operated.
8-Study the Physical Properties and Thermal Conductivity of Light Weight Refractories Bricks Produced by Adding porcelanite to Kaolinite.
9-Characterizations of Semi-Silica Refractory Bricks Produced from Local Iraqi Materials.
10-Manufacture of Light Weight Ceramic Bodies as Thermal Insulator From Local Material.
11-Manufacture and characterizations of dense high alumina refractory used for ling different industry furnaces.
12-Studying Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Reinforced with TiO2.
13-Nanoindentation Measurements for B2O3-Y-TZP Electrolyte Used in HT-SOFC.
14-Study Thermomechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Composite Reinforced by Ceramic Particles (Al2O3).
15-Manufacture of porous refractory ceramic bodies by adding local porcelanite to the kaolinite.


Mathematics Education

Powder metallurgy

Heat treatment

Metallic engineering

Fluid and heat transfer

Chemical Metallurgy

Manufacturing process

A lot of academic awards from UOT Also from some international and Iraqi NGOs. She received more than 150 certificates from international conferences as a researcher and participated in various Iraqi universities, the Ministry of youth and sport, and activities in the Ministry of health.