Saad B. H. Farid

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Saad B. H. Farid

Materials Engineering Department


عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

Prof Dr Saad B. H. Farid has been worked and specializes in Materials Physics since he worked in IAEC, After BSc in 1982. MSc in 1988 and PhD in 1999. He has long experience in Characterizations, Modelling, and two years spent in Simulations. On-site applications, problem solutions, and materials-property design and related experiences have always accompanied him on his journey. He has more than 100 institution scientific reports, local and international publishing including a book for Elsevier. In Addition, more than 25 graduated MScs and PhDs..

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Ph.D., Materials Physics, University of Baghdad, Iraq, 1999..

M.Sc., Applied Physics, University of Technology, Iraq, 1988.

B.Sc., Physics, University of Baghdad, Iraq, 1982.

Ceramic materials and their composites, Characterizations, Processing, Property design, and Electronic ceramics..

1- 1994 Thermal expansion coefficients and Gruneisen parameters of quartz at high temp\
2- 2000 Determination of Sintering Kinetics a Study of α-Cristobalite\
3- 2000 Fabrication of Acidic Tiles\
4- 2000 Sintering Behavior of SiO2 in α-Cristobalite Phase\
5- 2000 The effect of the addition of Antimony oxide on enameling of metals\
6- 2000 Structural Investigation of 4,4'-Bipyridyl Complexes with Lanthanides\
7- 2001 Sintering Behavior of Doped α-Cristobalite\
8- 2002 Study of the effect of Silica Content on Acid Resistant Ceramics
9- 2003 Fabrication of filters by the Method of Welding Ceramic Particles via Glass Phase\
10- 2004 Mechinability of Ceramics Prepared with High Glass Contents\
11- 2005 Dental Porcelain Report\MOE
12- 2008 Dielectric Properties of High Alumina Glass\
13- 2008 Preparation ceramic tiles for ceramic armors\
14- 2008 Two Step Method to Prepare the Dentine Layer\
15- 2008 Mixed Alkali effect on Viscosity of Sodium Potassium Borate Glasses\
16- 2009 Chemical Resistance Ceramic Tiles and Mortar to Alkali Solution\
17- 2010 The Effect of Solvent Additions on the Mechanical Properties of Epoxy\
18- 2010 Preparation of Nano Sized Zinc Oxide Powder_scnama 2010\
19- 2011 Synthesis of Feldspar Substitutes via Utilization of Local Materials\
20- 2012 Effect of the Alkaline Oxide Additives on the Electrical Breakdown of Ceramic Castables\
21- 2012 Modeling of Viscosity and Thermal Expansion of Bioactive Glasses\
22- 2013 Fabrication of Ceramic-Metal Functionally Graded Materials_Diaa Paper1\
23- 2013 Master Sintering Curve for TiO2\
24- 2013 Modeling of the effect of grain size and La2O3 doping on sintering α–cristobilite\
25- 2013 Modeling of the effect of grain size on final stage of sintering of Al2O3\
26- 2013 Sustainable Technological Route to Produce Ceramic Electrical Insulators in Iraq\
27- 2014 Adaptation of Heating5 for PC and utilization for different thermal calculations\
28- 2014 Effect of additives on Sintering of Alpha-cristobalite\
29- 2014 Practicable Activated Aluminosilicates Mortar\
30- 2015 Surface Treatment of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys used in Dentistry\
31- 2016 Aseel Fibers\
32- 2016 Green Cementitious Paste Based on Recycled Materials ICPSD Conference\
33- 2016 High Performance Concrete Improvement by Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Addition\
2017 Hamza Paper2\
35- 2017 Preparation of Graphene with Few Layers and Large Scalability\
36- 2017 Preparation of Lead Free Piezoelectric Composite Based on Polyester Resin and\
37- 2018 Investigation on the effect of the PEG on the EPD of alumina and zirconia\
2018 Mechanical Characterizations of Boron Oxide Doped Y-TZP Electrolyte for HT SOFC\
38- 2018 Modified Unzipping Technique to Prepare Graphene Nano-Sheets\
38-2018 Parametric Study of the Effect of the Suspension Composition on the EPD of Alumina\
39- 2018 Replacement of steel rebars by GFRP rebars in the concrete structures\
40- 2019 Graded electrophoretic deposited Zirconia-Alumina cylindrical dental implant and in vivo histological examination
41- 2019 Osseointegration of cylindrical zirconia–alumina FGM, dental implant by EPD\
42- 2019 Study the preparation of alkaline mortar\
43- 2019 Ionic conductivity of gamma-Al2O3 and Pb3O4 dopants in 8mol%YSZ as electrolyte in SOFC\
44- 2020 Preparation of glass ionomer cement from recycled low alumina glass\
45- 2020 Preparation of graphene nano-sheets from graphite flakes via milling-ultrasonication promoted process\
46-2020 Characterizations of Synthetic 8mol% YSZ with Comparison to 3mol %YSZ for HT-SOFC\.

Ceramic Materials (BSc)

Advanced Ceramics (PhD)

Dielectric materials (PhD).

3 Patents registered by Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, Baghdad, Iraq, 2016 Preparation Nanomaterial from local material (Asphalt} by simple method with advanced applications 2018 Preparation of Stabilized Zirconia Compacts Suited for Dental Crowns and Bridges with Edges of low thicknesses with Superior Mechanical Properties 2019 Preparation of Reinforced Ceramic Blocks Suitable for Syntheses of Dental Veneers and Dental Bridges with Edges of low thicknesses.