Graduate Follow-up Unit

The Graduates Follow-up Division aspires to qualify students and graduates and assist them in obtaining job opportunities in the government and private sectors by training and qualifying them in the skills required by the labor market and communicating with them wherever they are to obtain suitable job opportunities for their specializations.


The main objectives of the Graduate Follow-up Unit:

  1. Holding training courses in various fields for students and graduates.
  2. Helping graduate students find jobs that suit their abilities, skills, and scientific specialization.
  3. Helping companies and institutions looking for employees to reach graduates easily.
  4. Arranging and preparing for job interviews.
  5. Follow up on the electronic websites of the Employment and Graduate Affairs Division.
  6. Guiding and directing students through different programs.
  7. Establishing an electronic database within the graduate follow-up system.
  8. Establishing an electronic database for companies.
  9. Designing courses commensurate with the nature of the unit’s work and preparing plans for it.


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