Researches of Dr. Saad B. H. Farid

No Name of search Single/ Common (names of researchers)  Name of journal IF Year of Publishing Abstract
1 High Performance Concrete Improvement by Styrene-Butadiene
Rubber Addition
Dr. Alaa Abdulhasan Atiyah &  Ahmed Saad Kadhim Eng. &Tech.Journal, Vol.34,Part (A), No.12,2016   2016  
2 Preparation of Lead Free Piezoelectric Composite Based on Polyester
Resin and (LKNN6-0.5%CeO2) Ceramic Particles
Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Hamza M. Kamal
Eng. &Tech.Journal, Vol.34,Part (A), No.13,2016   2016  
3 Physical & Mechanical Properties of Chemical Resistance
Ceramic Tiles and Mortar to Alkali Solution
Ayser J. Ibrahim & Hanan K. H. Al-Mayaly AL- HAITHAM J. FO R PURE & APPL. SC I. VOL. 22 (4) 2009   2009  
4 Effect of additives on sintering of a-cristobalite   Springer Science+Business Media New York 2014   2014  
5 Master Sintering Curve for TiO2 Sawsan A. H. Mahdi
& Hanan K. H. Al.Mayaly
Ibn Al-Haitham Jour. for Pure & Appl. Sci. Vol. 26 (3) 2013   2013  
6 Mixed Alkali Effect on Viscosity of Sodium Potassium Borate
  Eng.&Tech.Vol.26,No.3,2008   2008  
7 Modeling of The Effect of Grain Size and La2O3 Doping on
Sintering α – Cristobilite
Alia A. Shehab & Hanan K. Hassun Ibn Al-Haitham Jour. for Pure & Appl. Sci. Vol. 26 (2) 2013   2013  
8 Modeling of the Effect of Grain Size on Final Stage of
Sintering Al2O3
Allia A. Shehab & Hanan K. H.Al.Mayaly Ibn Al-Haitham Jour. for Pure & Appl. Sci. Vol. 26 (1) 2013   2013
9 Modeling of Viscosity and Thermal Expansion of
Bioactive Glasses
  International Scholarly Research Network, Volume 2012, Article ID 816902, 5 pages   2012  
10 Practicable activated aluminosilicates mortar   Ceramics International 40 (2014) 15027–15032   2014  
11 Preparation of Graphene with Few Layers and Large
 Basma H. Al-Timimi & Fadhil A. Chyad  1st International Conference on Engineering and Innovative Technology, SU-ICEIT 2016, April 12-14, 2016, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq    2016  
12  Redesign of Zinc Polycarboxylate Dental Cement    Ibn Al-Haitham Jour. for Pure & Appl. Sci. Vol. 27 (2) 2014   2014  
13  Surface Treatment of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys used in Dentistry  Fadhil A.Hashim & Ekbal M.S.Salih International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology,Vol.5, No.6   2015  
14   The Effect of Solvent Additions on the Mechanical
Properties of Epoxy
Dr. Akram R. Jabur & Khalid K. Abbass Eng.& Tech. Journal, Vol. 28, No. 18, 2010     2010  
15  Fabrication of Ceramic-Metal Functionally Graded Materials Dr. Alaa A. Atiyah  & Dheya N. Abdulamer Eng. &Tech. Journal, Vol.31, No.3 , 2013     2013  
16  Sustainable Technological Route to Produce Ceramic
Electrical Insulators in Iraq
  TerraGreen 13 International Conference 2013 - Advancements in Renewable Energy
and Clean Environment, Energy Procedia 36 ( 2013 ) 908 – 914
17  Replacement of steel rebars by GFRP rebars in the concrete
 Shahad AbdulAdheem Jabbar Karbala International Journal of Modern Science 4 (2018) 216e227    2018  
18 Green Cementitious Paste Based on Recycled Materials    Journal of Physical Science and Application􀀃6 (1) (2016) 150-155    2016  
19 Mechanical Characterizations of Boron Oxide Doped
Yttria-stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Electrolyte for
High-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Operated 
Abeer Farouk Al-Attar  & Mohamed J. Eshraghi & Fadel A. Hashim International Conference on Pure and Applied Sciences (ICPAS 2018)    2018  
20  Modified Unzipping Technique to Prepare Graphene Nano-
 B H Al-Tamimi and F A Chyad Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1003 (2018) 012020     2018  
21 Parametric Study of the Effect of the Suspension
Composition on the Electrophoretic Deposition of
Alaa Abdul hasan Atiyah  & Awham Jumah Salman  Journal of University of Babylon, Engineering Sciences, Vol.(26), No.(2): 2018    2018  





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