Researches of Aseel Mahmood


No Name of search Single/ Common (names of researchers)  Name of journal IF Year of Publishing Abstract
1 Therrmogrraviimettrriic Anallysiis Off Saccharrum//Unsatturratted Pollyestterr Composiittes Nadia Aziz
Qadiisiiyah Jourrnall fforr Engiineerriing Sciiences,, Voll::11,, No::4
2 Sttudy Off Mechaniicall Prroperrttiies Forr Pollyestterr Reiinfforrced By Datte Pallm Wiitth
Malleiic,, NaOH,, And HCll Chemiicall Trreattmentts..
  Engineering & Technology Journal   2010  
3 FTIIR Anallysiis off Corrn Fiiberr Grreen Composiittes Ahmed Hashim IIntterrnattiionall Jourrnall off Matterriialls
and Mettallllurrgiicall Engiineerriing Voll::4,, No::10
4 Sttudy The Fllexurrall And IImpactt Prroperrttiies Off Shorrtt Okrra Natturrall Fiiberr Reiinfforrced
Epoxy Mattrriix Composiittes
Ahmed Hashim Engineering & Technology Journal   2012


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