MSc Thesis 2021


  Title Supervisor Name Student name Year
1  Modification of Biomedical Alloys by Nano ZrO2 and Y2O3 Deposition Dr. Fatima Jaafer Muhammad  Zaynab Zuhair Ali   2021
2  Adopting Electrostatic Layer of Composite Materials

 Dr. Hanaa Arayer Smej 

Dr. Mohanad Najah Jawad

Rasha Abdel Al-Hassan Essa   2021
3  Preparation of Recycle Composite (Zn – Al) Alloy Reinforced with Hybrid Nano particles

dr. Niveen Jamal Abdulqader

dr. Ahmad Ameed Zainelabideen 

Aveen Kanaan Bower   2021
4 Sintering Behavior of Ceramics Containing Different Fluxing Agents

Dr. Saad Badri Husoon Faried

Dr. Husain Alaa Jaber

Huda Satar Ali 2021


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