MSc Thesis 2020


  Title Supervisor Name Student name Year
1  Preparation and Characterization of a Polymeric Scaffold Used for Skin Substitution

 Dr. Akram R. Jabr

Dr. Manar A. Najim

Tiba Y. Jassem   2020
2  inary Titanium Alloys as Dental Implant Materials Dr. Imad S. Abdul Karim  Wahad I. Medhat   2020
3 Synthesis of Bio-Medical Materials Using Electroless Deposition Technique 

Dr. Adel K. Mahmoud

Dr. Hanaa A. Smeij 

Heba M. Abdelkader   2020
4  Development of Hybrid Polymer Blend Composite Used in Dentures Fabrication  

Dr. Sahamah I. Saleh'

Dr. Eawda J. Brihi

 Hussein M. S. Jaafar   2020
5  Preparation of Graphene- Glass Ionomer Cement for Dental Applications

Dr. Saad Badri Hassou

Dr. Basma Hashem Mohammed 

Shahed Thamer Mahmoud   2020
6  Study of Some Properties of Prosthetic Composite Materials in Dental Applications

 Dr. Jawad Kadhim Olaiwi

Dr. Kahtan Adnan Hamad

Zaynab Moaiyad Abdulmoniem   2020
7  Fabrication of Ceramic Materials for Building Application for Cracks Treatment

Dr. Farhad Mohammed Othman

Dr. Alaa Aladdin Abdul Hamead 

Alaa Zamel Dahesh   2020
8 Removal of Sulfur Fractions from Crude Oil by Nano-biopolymer

Dr. Qusay Fadel Abd  

Dr. Akram Rahim Jabr

Ahmed Hashem Allawi 2020
9 Role of engineering Materials in Enhancement of Heat Exchanger Performance

Dr. Kazem Matar Shabib

Dr. Iyad Kazem Hassan

Ali Faleh Nayef 2020
10 Applying Coating to Corrosion Control for Different Application 

 Dr. Rana Afif Majeed

Chief Researcher. Abdullah Adnan Abdul Karim

Hiyam Mezher Jedi  2020


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