MSc Thesis 2017-2018


  Title Supervisor Name Student name Year
1  Preparation and characterization bio polymer composite materials for denture applications

Dr. Jawad Kadeem Eilewiy

 Dr.  Sihama Esa Sale

Hwazen Salam  Fadel   2017
2 Effect of reinforcing rod of reinforced polymer by glass fiber on the properties of Portland cement 

 Prof. Fadel Attieh Jeyad

Prof. Saad Badri Hassoun Farid 

Shahd Abdul Azem    2017
3  Green concrete property by using recycled materials

Dr. Aseel Basem abed alhussien

Dr. Kadum Mutar shibeeb 

 Aynoor Ibrahim Alijan  2017
4  Manufacture of new polymeric membranes for waste water treatment

Dr.  Kazem Matar Shabib

Dr. Bassam Ibrahim Khalil 

Amna Jalal Sadek   2017
5 Use of auxiliary materials in the chemical recycling of waste water bottles and their use in industrial applications 

 Asst.Prof. Mohammed Ramaid Gharkan

Asst.Prof. Kadhem Mohamed Abdul Hussein

Russul Salah Hadi   2018
6  Polymer coating connector to reduce the risk of corrosion

 Prof. Rana Afif Anani

Asst.Prof. Waf’a Mahdi Saleh

Sara Abdel-Salam Hattab   2018
7 Manufacturing ideal material for exterior construction applications 

 Dr. Farhad  Othman Mahmood

Dr. Alaa Alaa Aldeen. Abed Al-Hameed

 Mustafa Thaer Hassan  2018
8  Manufacturing and properties of composite materials with a metal base of recycled aluminum and reinforced with nanoparticles

Dr. Fadhil Abbas Hashim

Dr. Neven Jamal  Abdel Alkader 

Nebras Said Jassim    2018
9  Improving the electrical conductivity of the polymer membrane (polyvinyl alcohol) prepared by electric spinning

Dr.  Akram Rahim Jabr

Assist. Prof.  Majid Hameed Majeed 

Shafaq Yahya Abdel   2018


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