MSc Thesis 2015-2016


  Title Supervisor Name Student name Year
1 Investigation the Influence of the Compotibilizer and Nano Filler On the Properties of Polymer Blends

Dr. Sihama E.Salih & Dr. jawad k.Oleiwi

Rawaa Adnan AbdlAmeer 2015
2 Fabrication and Characterization of Microstructure Sensor  for Gases Detection Dr. Farhad M.Othman & Dr.Alaa A.Abdul Hameed Alaa S.Taeh 2015
3 Investigation of mechanical and physical properties of the compounds sawdust laboratories / unsaturated polyester Dr. Kazem Mutter Shabib & Mohammed H. Alzuhairi Sally Abdul Hussein Kadhem 2015
4 Manufacturing and characterization of pylon of artificial lower limb of composite materials Dr. jawad K. Oleiwi Shaima Gomaa Ahmed 2015
5  controlling the corrosion By coatings nanomaterials Dr.Rana Afif Majed & Dr . Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Doaa Ayed Abdullah 2015
6 Conductive polymer technology twisting electron manufacturing Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Dr.Akram Raheem jabur Noor Mohammad Jalal 2015
7 Composition of concrete advanced composite material Dr. Alaa A. Attiya & Dr.Saad B. Hasoon Ahmed Saad Kadhem 2015
8 erosion behavior of polymeric complexes supported nanoscale materials Dr. Fadhel Abbas Hashem & Dr.Aseel Basim Abdul Temara Kadhim Raad 2015
9 Manufacture and characterization of nanoscale powders for industrial application Dr. Farhad M.Othman & Dr.Alaa A.Abdul Hameed Mustafa Mohammed Saleh 2015
10 Coating alloy steel manner Mahlol- gelatin for medical purposes Dr. Fadhel Abdul Ricn & Dr. Fadhel Abbas Hashem Doaa Alaa Abdul Hussein 2015
11 Examination of Corrosion Behaviour of the shape memory alloy of copper basis in different circles Dr. Alaa Hassan Ali & Dr.Emad Saadi AL-Hassani Sarah Talal Hatem 2016


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