MSc Thesis 2013-2014


  Title Supervisor Name Student name Year
1 Anti-Surface to the Atmosphere (surface Super Haedrovobk) by Cold Spray Technology Dr. Mohammed S. Hamza & Dr. Alaa A. Abdel -Hamead Shatha K. Mohammed 2013
2 Improve the Mechanical Properties and Behavior for the Vertical Drilling Equipment, Based on Ceramic-Coatings Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Dr. Abdul Khaliq F. Hmood Lamis S. Faiq 2013
3 Mechanical Behavior of a Hollow Cylinder Made ​​of the Materials Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi & Dr. Alaa A. Attiya Marwan A. Madloom 2013
4 Manufacturing and Characterization of Polymeric Mixtures Composite Reinforced Textured Natural Dr.Suhama E. Salih & Dr. Akram R. Jabr Tib A. Mohammed 2013
5 Tensile Strength and Buckling of the Polyester unsaturated glass fiber reinforced Dr. Jawad K. Oleiwi & Dr. Emad Saadi Al-Hassani Alaa A. Mohammed 2013
6 Design and Sintering Materials Functionally Gradient that Relevance of (Fe / ZrO2) Dr. Alaa A. Attiya Ahmed T. Aziz 2013
7 Modeling and Characterization of Polymeric Composite Materials Reinforced with Particles Dr. Jawad K. Oleiwi & Dr. Farhad M. Othman Esraa F. Ghazi 2013
8 Study the inhibition of corrosion of carbon steel A515 in aqueous medium containing hydrogen sulfide at the temperature of 575° Dr. Mohammed H. Hafod & Dr .Rana A. Majeed Rana S. Noor 2013
9 Practical and Theoretical Study of the Corrosion of Carbon Steel in a Solution of 5% Sodium Chloride for Water Carburetor Petroleum Industries Dr .Rana A. Majeed & Dr. Ali H. Jawad Dalia M. Jomah 2013
10 The Effect of a Concentration on the Phase Evolution of Ternary Ceramic of (Ti-AL-C) System Dr. Kahtan K. AL Khazraji & Dr. Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Mazin N. Ali 2013
11 Manufacture of porous refractory ceramic bodies by adding local porcelanite to the kaolinete Dr. Mohammed H. Olewi & Dr. Alaa H. Ali Abeer F. Abbas 2013
12 Building Model For Aluminum Alloy Treated Thermally Dr. Abbas K. Husain Ashraq A. Kadhum 2014
13 Manufacturing and Characterization of Nano-Composite Veraiti Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Dr. Mohammed S. Hamza Zainab E. Dhari 2014
14 The Study of Solid State Reaction of the Tripartite Systems (Ti-Al-C, Cr-Al-C, V-AL-C) Dr. Alaa A. Attiya & Dr. Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Mohammed A. Naser 2014
15 PreparationofTernary Carbides (V2AlC  and  Cr2AlC ) And  Investigation Their Corrosion Resistance in Different  Media Dr.Rana Afif Majed & Dr. Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Russul Fadhel Faleh 2014
16 Iron Pipeline corrosion protection by using multi coatng of   sherardizing  and polymers

Dr. ALI H. Ataiwi & Dr. Sihama E. Salih

Gufran Abdul Mahdi Shanan 2014
17 Investigation of Some Properties and  Erosion  Wear of Composite Materials Reinforced By different Systems

Dr.Emad Saadi AL-Hassani & Dr.Aseel Basim Abdul Hussein

Reem Alaa Mohammed 2014
18 Corrosion  behavor of steel (St37-2)by using natural products as Inhibitors In Petroleum Miedium Dr.Rana Afif Majed & Dr . Mohammed H. Alzuhairi Hiba Anwer Abdullah 2014
19 An  Experimental  Study  of Aluminum Cans Recycling in Iraq Dr. jawad K. Oleiwi & Dr. farhad M.Othman Tuka Abd-Alzahraa Jabar 2014
20 Statistical Model and Experimental Study  for   Erosion of Steel Pipe (A106) in Two Phase Media


Dr. Ali H.Ataiwi & Dr. Ayad KHassan

Ban Abdulelah Fadil 2014
21 Preparation and Characterization  of Polymers Blends Reinforced by Nano-Powder

 Dr .Sihama E.Salih & Dr . Kadhum Madhum M.Shabeeb

Rula Falih Hasan 2014
22 Preparation  and Characterization of Biopolymer Nanofibers         Using Electrospun

Dr. Akram Raheem jabur & Dr.Laith Kais Abbas

Safa Mohammed M.Aldain 2014


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