MSc Thesis 2011-2012


  Title Supervisor Name Student name Year

Studying the Effect of Nano-Carbon Black Particales on the Properties of Tire Tread

Dr. Jawad K. Olewi

Nassier A. Nassir


Ceramic Filled Polymer Matrix Composite Used for Biomedical Application

Dr. Waleed A. Hanna & Dr. Abbas K. Hussein

Hayder A. Sallal


Preparation and Characterization of Continually Formed Functionally Graded Materials

Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi & Dr. Alaa A. Attiya

Noor Sh. Kafeel


Sintering Behavior of Prepared Nano-Sized Ceramic Powders

Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Dr. Saad B. Hasoon

Aseel Sh. Mahmood


Corrosion Behavior of Some Implant Alloys in Simulated Human Body Environment

Dr. Kahtan K. AL Khazraji & Dr .Rana A. Majeed

Zina N.AbdulHameed


The Role of Ta & Nb Additives on the Transformation Temperature of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy

Dr. Saheeb M. Al Safaar & Dr. Emad Saadi Al-Hassani

Rash A. Hussein

7 The Effect of Surface Melting on the Alloy Dentistry Corrosion in the Middle of an Artificial Saliva Existence of Harmful Substances Dr. Rana A. Majed Ali A. Muhsan 2012

Preparation of Aluminum Nano Wire Using Anodizing Process and Pressure

Dr. Kahtan K. AL Khazraji & Dr .Ahmed A. Mousa

Ahmed A. Hashoosh

9 The Effect of Alloying Elements on the Shape Memory Alloy Ti-Ta Biomedical Dr. Saheeb M. Al Safaar & Dr. Emad Saadi Al-Hassani Fatema J. Mohammed 2012
10 Study forAdding of Min Titanium Dioxide on the Physical Properties of the Binary Mixer Dr.Suhama E. Salih & Dr. Abdul Khaliq F. Hmood Aliaa H. Abdul Salam 2012
11 Cold Spray Process to Produce Thin Films of Tellurium Dioxide and Tellurium For GAS Sensors Dr. Mohammed S. Hamza & Dr. Alaa A. Abdel -Hamead Sinan S. Hamdi 2012
12 Preparation and Modeling of High Performance Materials and Functionally Gradient in Space Applications Dr. Alaa A. Attiya & Dr. Saad B. Hasoon Dhiaa N. Abdul Ameer 2012
13 Preparation and Characterization of Nano-Composite Powder of Alumina / Al Kromaa Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad Oday A. Mhatlaf 2012
14 Mechanical Properties and Wear for Erosion (CFRP) Particulate Additions Dr. Abbas K. Husain & Dr. Usama M. Sultan Ruaa H. Abdulraheem 2012


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