Activities 2017


On14/9/2017, Dr. Safaa F. Abdulmajeed; a general director of the Iraqi geological survey, received a prof. Dr. Ammen Dowai Thamer; a head of University of Technology, Assist Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Al-ghaban ; Materials Engineering Department head and many academic staff in university. The meeting discusses research and scientific collaboration between production and academic institutions in research and supervision of graduate students, according to instructions of both minister of higher education and scientific research and minister of industry and metallurgy to enhance the scientific research and production to reach the Iraqi identity industry.


Thesis discussion

On 17/7/2017 Assist Prof. Dr. Akram Rheem Jabber; academic staff in Materials Engineering Department/ University of Technology, participate in discussion committee of Master Student Zaman S. Obaid from Physics Department./Collage of Science/ Al-Nahrin University to entitled thesis:
Optical and electrical properties ZnO-PMMA composite material
Were the discussion made on discussion hall of collage of science in Al-Nahrin University


Book authorship

One of the new versions of the Dijla library in its first print for 2018, a book was authored entitled “Engineering Materials compositions”, to author: Assist Prof. Dr. Abbas K.Hussein; academic staff in Materials Engineering Department./ University of Technology. The book include seven chapters first was an introduction about materials science and engineering and classifications of materials, second chapter entitle with equilibrium and motivation, while third chapter was crystal structure. Chapter four was an atomic composition, while chapter five include solid state applications. Chapter six talk about crystal defects and finally chapter seven is about phase diagrams.

PhD certification

The academic staff in materials engineering Materials Engineering Department./ University of Technology, lecturer Hanaa A. Smaych got a PhD certification in applied science/ materials techniques according to University order no. 1585 on 10/9/2017


The welcome reception for the first class

On 29/11/2017 he held the Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology in the presence of the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs. Alaa Abdul-Hassan Attiah and Head of Materials Engineering Department /Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban and a group of facility staff of Materials Engineering Department received the reception of the first class of the department where Dr. Ahmed gave a speech welcoming the new students wishing them success and success during their careers in the university and in particular in the materials engineering department. Then he gave some general instructions and instructions which contribute to facilitating some things may seem opaque to new students and clarify and answer all inquiries by students.



On October 22, 2017, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban - Head of Materials Engineering- agency /Lecturer Dr. Manar Abdel-Jabbar Najem, responsible for the graduate studies department in the Department of Materials Engineering with the graduate students continuing the research, where he discussed with them a group of things to work in the laboratories of the Department and guide them to maintain public property and public money through the economy and significantly resources and reduce the consumption of equipment and equipment in a manner that ensures the sustainability of work and the general benefit of most of the students of the Department and other sectors, He also listened to some general problems related to their work in the field of research work and discussed with them extensively to find a mechanism to solve these problems so as not to hinder them in the future.


Victory Celebration

cording to the received instructions from the Presidency of the University of Technology, the Department of Materials Engineering celebrates the victory achieved by Iraqi army, celebrated this great occasion by holding a photo exhibition that embodies the championships and achievements of our army and in commemoration of their great sacrifices. Congratulating and thanking are presented by Iraqi people on this great occasion to our heroic army.

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