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Scientific visit

A delegation from the General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries visited the Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology on Monday 21/10/2019 in order to open the horizons of scientific cooperation in relation to the subject of nanotechnology. The delegation was attended by Eng. Salah Hameed Jabr and Eng. Rasha Riad Hamouda. Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan El-Ghabban Head of Materials Engineering Department Dr.Nevin Jamal, Dr. Khaled Khodair, Dr. Aseel Bassem, M. Aseel Mahmoud

- On 10/10/2019, Prof. Alaa Alaa El-Din Abdel Hamid and master student Alaa Zamel Dahsh field visit to the Ministry of Water Resources / Studies and Designs Department (National Research Center), according to the book number 13 AH / 2667 in 17 / 9/2019 And to see directly on the workflow and find possible ways to complete the requirements of the research master's titled

Fabrication of Ceramics Materials for Building Applications for Cracks Treatment

In addition to find the mechanism for the conclusion of a contract with the company mentioned to carry out all the requirements of research and access to the possibilities and equipment available and visit the Department of Inspection and Quality Control and access to laboratories.



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