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University report

 Based on the principle of scientific cooperation and reference to the university order number MA / 668 dated 11/10/2018, which includes the formation of a university committee to review Al-Wazeriya foundry and express opinion in its utilization and operation, the committee met and made several field visits to the foundry site. The report of the Ministerial Committee formed by Ministerial Order No. 2716 No. MB / 23/3470 was issued on 2/7/2018, where it first showed the date of the foundry and its revenues and secondly the purpose for which the foundry was established. At present, the foundry is not suitable for production as it is not productive For the necessary equipment and apparatus , the foundry can be used as a specialized research laboratory for simple casting, and the possibility of some graduation projects for undergraduate students and  postgraduate students and facility staff within the casting field at the University of Technology, according to the order number 414 u / p on 18/7 / 2019 Dr. Alaa Abdel-Hassan Attia / Assistant President of the University of Technology Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban / Head of Materials Engineering Department and .Dr. Ali Abbar Khalif / Head of Production and Minerals Engineering Department.



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