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University Orders

Based on the decision of the University Council taken at its tenth session on 3/6/2019, it was decided to form a committee to follow up the implementation of the university plan for sustainable development proposed by a special committee in 2013, where one of its members is Dr. Laith Waddah Ismail / Department of Materials Engineering according to the University Order No. C / 1/853 on 11/7/2019.


    Based on the proceedings of the meeting of the Council on Quality and Government Accreditation third session 2018-2019 complex on Monday 22/4/2019, the third paragraph, including the formation of an advisory committee in the field of quality and performance evaluation and improvement plan, which will be linked to the Council of Academic Quality, one of which is a member of Prof.Dr. Rana Afif Majeed teaching in the Department of Materials Engineering, according to the University Order No. C / 1/863 on 15/7/2019.


    Lecturer  Khalid Khudair Abbas teaching in the Department of Materials Engineering obtained a Ph.D. Chemical Engineering / Australia according to the university order AT / 7601 on the date of 8/7/2019 and the receipt of the validity of the decision to evaluate the certificate (38302) of the number PO Box 23/14144 in 30 / 5/2019 By ministerial order PO Box 23/1/142121 FB 9/6/2019 issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Scholarships and Public Relations / Department of Evaluation and equivalence of certificates / Engineering Science Division.


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