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Master thesis discussion

on 18/3/2018, Master thesis titled

“Improving the electrical conductivity of the polymer membrane (polyvinyl alcohol) prepared by electric spinning “,

Presented by student Shafaq Yahya Abdel, had been discussed. The members of discussion’s committee are listed below


The name




prof. Dr. Qusay Fadel Abdel Hamid

University of technology / chemical engineering



Assistance prof. Dr. ammar imad Kazim

Babylon university/  materials engineering collage



Lecturer Manar Abdel - Jabbar Najm

University of technology/ department of materials engineering



Assistance Prof. Dr.  Akram Rahim Jabr

University of technology / department of material engineering



Assistance Prof.  Majid Hameed Majeed

University of technology / department of materials engineering



Thesis include preparation conductor polymer from polyvinyl which consider insulation by electrical spinning. Electrical conductive polymer prepared from polymer solution (polyvinyl) with different percentage additive of (copper chloride, nano copper powder, nano silver particles, polyaniline, and carbon nano tubes), and the effect of these additive into microstructure, conductivity, and mechanical properties.

The work include the effect of additive into electrical conductivity, viscosity, and surface tension of solution which used to preparing conductive membranes. The results show increasing electrical conductivity with increasing additives and decreasing viscosity and surface tension, except in case of polyvinyl alcohol solution /copper, and  polyvinyl/silver.


This thesis had been scientific evaluation by Prof Dr.  Zuhair Jabbar Abdul Amir / Karbala University / Engineering collage. And linguistically by Assistant Prof Dr. Samir Ali Amin / university of technology/ mechanical engineering department. The discussion of the thesis had been performed at the building C, and the discussion’s committee agreed to award the student Master degree.

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