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Ph.D. thesis discussion

on 15/3/2018, Ph.D. thesis titled

“Preparation and characterization of bio functionally graded materials“,

 Presented by student Noor Sharif, had been discussed. The members of discussion’s committee are listed below


The name




prof. Dr. Mohammad jasem  Kazim

University of technology / nanotechnology and advance materials research center



prof. Dr. Kazim Fenteel  Alsultani

Babylon university/  materials engineering collage



Prof.  Dr. Adnan  Neama Aboud

Middle Technical university



Prof. Dr.  Khawla Salah Khashan

University of technology / Applied sciences department 



Prof. Dr. Abbas  Khamas Hussein

University of technology / department of materials engineering



Assistance prof. Dr. Alaa Abd Al hasan Atyia

University of technology / department of materials engineering



The thesis discussion preparation and characteristic of bio functionally graded materials as replacement to hip, via powder technology technic. Experimental part of thesis include preparation two types of specimens First group was 10 layer zirconia-alumina symmetric graded specimens, where structure of specimens gradually change from center (zircon) to surface (Alumina), second group was 10 layer ceramic- titanium functionally graded materials, where composition gradually change from ceramic ( Alumina & zirconia stablish yttria) to 100% titanium. Physical properties tests include apparent density and porosity to green and sintering specimens, while mechanical properties include micro hardness, fracture toughness, residual stresses, and wear resistance.  Bacterial activity had been tested for specimens and ingredient materials by diffusion method where creation bacterial groups had been counted. All samples showed high antibacterial activity against E. coli more than the basic components, finally microstructure of specimens had been tested by scanning electron microscope and chemical analysis.

This thesis had been scientific evaluation by assistance Prof Dr.  Ayad Mourad Takhakh / Nahrein University / mechanical department. And linguistically by Assistant Prof Dr. Omar Faroke Lutfiy / university of technology/ control and systems engineering department. The discussion of the thesis had been performed at the building C, and the discussion’s committee agreed to award the student Ph.D. degree.

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