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Wednesday, 27 April 2022 18:47

A scientific trip


On Monday, 4/18/2022, the Department of Materials Engineering/University of Technology organized a scientific trip for students of the second stage in the department to the National Center for Construction Laboratories under the supervision of the Head of the General Materials Engineering Branch, Asst.  Prof. Jamal Jalal Daoud  and Lecture  Ammar Musa Hassan esteemed. Where the students were briefed on the laboratories in the center and got acquainted with the mechanisms of examining engineering samples, as well as the various examination devices located within the center’s laboratories, including the iron test laboratory, the cement and sand test laboratory, the concrete cube test laboratory, thermo-stone,  sheets, the soil and asphalt test laboratory, and others. At the end of the trip, the professors and students of the department gave their heartfelt thanks to the director of the center, Mr. Iyad Ajaj Ayed, the respected for his great cooperation during this visit to them, and he expressed his willingness to provide any possible assistance to the professors and students of the department in the service of our dear country.


Thursday, 07 April 2022 20:33

Award a book of thanks


The President of the University of Technology awarded a book of thanks and appreciation to two teaching staff from the department of Materials Engineering.

The honorable president of the University of Technology “Prof Dr. Ahmed M. H. Al-Ghaban” awarded a book of thanks and appreciation to Prof. Dr. Emad S. Al- Hassani, Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatimah Jaafar Al-Hassani from the department of Materials Engineering/University of Technology, due to their distinguished efforts in achieved a patent, according to book No. T.N.A/252 dated 14/3/2021.

The title of patent: “Improvement the Osseointegration Properties of Dental Implants by natural polymers (Chitosan)”.



Modifications achieved by coatings titanium implant samples prepared by powder technology technique with ceramic powders in order to improve their surface characteristics so as to facilitate bio- integration. The coating process of ceramic powders was carried out (pack cementation), the result showed that Nano zirconia & yatria was homogeneously distributed on the surface and completely covered it which resulted in significant change in surface morphologies.


Senior lect. Dr. Manar Abdel-Jabbar Najm, had gotten the position of head of the Polymeric and Petrochemical Materials Engineering Branch in the Department of Materials engineering, according to university order No.  A.T./1926 dated 3/30/2022

The Department of Materials Engineering congratulates her on her assumption of the position and wishes her further progress and success in his working life.


Assistance Prof. Dr. Jawad Kazem Aliwi, had been got the position of scientific assistant to the Department of Materials Engineering, according to university order No. AT/1926 dated 3/30/2022.

The Department of Materials Engineering congratulates him on his assumption of the position and wishes him further progress and success in his working life.

Thursday, 07 April 2022 19:53

Award a Master degree


The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of  Technology awarded a master’s degree to the student Randa Mustafa Muhammad, Department of Materials Engineering/ University of Technology, for her entitled thesis.


"Preparation of NiTi Alloy Nanofibers by Electrospinning for Biomedical Applications"

Where the discussion took place in the Graduate Studies Hall in Building C in the department on Thursday, 24/3/2022, and the discussion committee consisted of :

1. Prof. Abbas Khammas Hussein, (Chairman)

2. Prof. Haider Hassan Gabi, (Member)

3. Dr. Manar Abdul-Jabbar, (Member)

4. Prof. Emad Saadi Abdel Kareem, (Member and supervisor)

5. Prof. Akram Rahim Jabr,  (Member and supervisor) 


As well as a scientific evaluation of the thesis by a Assist. Prof. Nabaa Sattar Radi/ Babylon University/ College of Materials Engineering, and Prof. Muzaffar Ali Muhammad/ University of Technology/ Department of Applied Sciences, and linguistically by Prof. Khaled Khudair Abbas/ University of Technology/ Materials Engineering Department. After the discussion committee recorded its observations on the thesis, which were divided between explanation, correction, the student’s defense of her message and the end of the discussion, the committee decided to evaluate the thesis and decided to grant the student a master’s degree with a passed. AbstractThis work aim to preparing NiTi/PVA composite nanofibers by electrospinning technique, using a novel method of producing NiTi ultrafine particles by immersing sintered NiTi alloy for a specific time in dilute aqua regia solution (3HCl: HNO3), in which these produced NiTi ultrafine particles are used in the electrospinning process. The electrospun materials provide a fibrous structure that improves adhesion with cells through the high surface area to volume ratio. The produced ultrafine NiTi particles were analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), and Particle size analyzer. The XRD pattern of ultrafine NiTi particles showed much better phases as compared to the XRD pattern of the NiTi alloy sample.


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