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  • Dr. Aseel B. Abdul Hussein, Prof. Dr. Imad S. Abdul Karim, Prof. Dr. Marwa S. Atallah, and Reem A. Mohamed were participating in the second patent exhibition held by the Industrial Research and Development Authority for the period of 17-18 December, 2019. The participation was as follows:
  • Dr. Aseel B. Abdul Hussein, Prof. Dr. Imad S. Abdul Karim, Prof.Dr. Marwa S. Atallah were participate with the patent “Substitute Manufacturing Materials Resistant to Erosion/ Corrosion of the Airframe and Propellers of Ships & Boats Marine Composed of Nano Materials Composites”.


Manufacturing of nano composites materials resistant to erosion and corrosion alternative basis of which material polymer composed of (pure polyester+ 3%glass fibers, kevlar fibers and carbon subsidized 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2) % for certain powder carbon nano tubes) were presented.


  • Dr. Aseel B. Abdul Hussein, Prof. Dr. Imad S. Abdul Karim, Eng. Reem A. Mohamed with the patent titled “Coating of laboratories drainage pipes and oil products pipes with erosion resistance composite materials reinforced with carbonates and natural wastes”.


In the present work, drainage pipes and pipes for oil products transportation were resistance to erosion wear and fabricated from composite materials of natural waste like saw-dust, carrote powder , rice husk , CaCO3, K2CO3, Na2CO3 with epoxy and glass fiber.


  • Dr. Rana A. Majeed, Ass. Prof. Dr. Jamal J. Dawood, Ass. Prof. Hanaa A. Smeij, Ass. Prof. Dr. Lama A. Jallo, Ass. Prof. Dr. Neveen Jamal, Ass. Prof. Majid H. Abdul Majeed, Dr. Laith W. Ismail, Dr. Ahmed H. Ali, Dr. Shaima M. Saleh, Dr. Hind B. Ali, Lecturer Aseel Mahmoud, Mervat M. Hanous, Minh F. Khudair, and Haider B. Ali were participating in the training of the workshop:


“Scientific Promotion Instructions and Procedures”


It was held by the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Technology, cooperation with the Central Committee for Scientific Promotion on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 at the Tigris Hall.

Prof. Dr. Faraj M. Mohamed, Prof. Dr. Hanan A. Akkar, and Prof. Dr. Khaleda F. Suhail presented and discussed the terms and instructions of the scientific promotions with clarifying their conditions.

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