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Scientific lecture

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At 12/03/2017 and as a part of scientific activities schedule which prepared by materials engineering department, a scientific lecture was held under the title:
Computer applications in materials engineering
Which speech by Assis. Prof. Dr. Abbass K. Hussien the head of general materials engineering branch which involved the computer software to calculate the input materials in metal, ceramic and composite materials and calculate the mechanical properties like (hardness, tension and creep) and compare it with experimental work with an error less than 4%, an input numbers value to select the optimum condition.
A head of this scientific meeting was done by Assis. Prof. Dr. Farhad M. Othman; dean scientific assistance and with member of Assis. Prof. Dr. Laith Q. Abbass; daen management assistance and Assis. Prof. Dr. Aseel B. Abdulhussien; head of Committee on Conferences in department, also some academic staff and graduate students were attendance on Prof Dr. Fadhil A. Jeaad Hall

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