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Auditing Committees

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Referring to the book of ministry of higher education and scientific research/ Supervision and Scientific Education Office/ Department of quality assurance and accreditation, order no.60 at 29/1/2017 involved forming special analysis committees related to national ranking, a meeting was done at materials engineering dep hall at UOT 13/3/2017 first meeting for special analysis committee related to national ranking for Iraqi universities quality which headed by prof Dr. Nabiel A.Jadooe from civil engineering and members of:
1. Assist Prof Dr. Suhama E. Salih Materials Eng. Dep.
2. Assist Prof Dr. Abdulkadhim M hassan Mechanical Eng. Dep.
3. Assist Prof Dr. Hussien W. Mashi Mechanical Eng. Dep.
4. Assist Prof Dr. Najim A. Jwaad Oil technology Dep.
5. Assist Prof Dr. Ramzi S. Hameed Oil technology Dep.
6. Assist Prof Dr.Dhuha S. Ahmed Applied Science Dep.
7. Assist Prof Dr. Ahmed S. Abdulameer control Eng. Dep.
8. Assist Prof Dr. Ahmed H. Hameed Architecture Eng. Dep.
9. Lec. Dr. Abduljabbar A.Hinfeesh Electro-mechanical Eng. Dep.
10. Lec. Dr. Khalid F. Sultan Electro-mechanical Eng. Dep.
11. Lec. Dr. Firas F. Said prod. Eng.& Metallurgical Eng. Dep.
12. Assist. Prof. Ahmed A prod. Eng.& Metallurgical Eng. Dep.

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