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Thanks and appreciation

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Mr. Ali Amer Hamid, engineer in the Materials Engineering Department, received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Respected Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghaban, in appreciation of the distinguished efforts made in publishing research in a respected international journal, indexed within the Clarivate database, according to the book, number 2069/SH, dated 7/24/2023.

Research Title

"Characterizing optimum electrospinning conditions for graft urethanized Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)(U-PVA)"


  • The aim of the research is to obtain the ideal conditions used in the electron spinning technique for the graft urethanized Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)(U-PVA), which is used in a wide range of medical applications. With the membrane, and then conducting medical and biological examinations to see their medical compatibility. The research has been published in the international journal Heliyon with an impact factor of 3.7, Open Access. (Clarivate Q1 index).


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