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Award a master’s degree

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The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a master's degree to the student Baraa Abdel-Hadi Rabie/Department of Materials Engineering/University of Technology for her thesis tagged

Improving the Surface Properties of Cast Iron Used in the Manufacturing of Water Gates Regulators by Thermal Sprayed Coating (10185Eut alloy)"

Whereas, the discussion took place in the graduate studies hall in Building B in the department on Thursday, 08/06/2023 at nine o'clock in the morning, and the discussion committee consisted of Messrs:


1Asst.Prof. Dr. Hussein Alaa Jaber, Chairman

2- Asst.Prof. Dr. Laith Qais Abbas, member

3-Dr. Sura Salem Ahmed, member

4-Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, an honorable member

5- Eng. Hussein Mohamed Youssef, an honorable member


In addition to evaluating the thesis scientifically by Asst.Prof. Dr. Iman Adnan Anoun/ University of Technology/ Department of Production and Minerals Engineering, and Asst.Prof. Dr. Nabaa Sattar Radi/ University of Babylon/ College of Materials Engineering, and linguistically by Asst.Prof. Dr. Laith Waddah Ismail/ University of Technology/ Department of Materials Engineering.

After the discussion committee recorded its observations on the thesis, which were distributed between explanation, correction, and the student's defense of her thesis

At the end of the discussion, the committee decided to evaluate the thesis, and decided to award the student a master's degree with a full grade.



This study aimed to improve the surface properties of grey cast iron (GG25) that used in the manufacturing of gates of water regulators. Taguchi/ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) technique was used to design the experimental of the coating process and erosion – corrosion test, microhardness for coated and uncoated samples and particle size distribution test for glass sand that use in erosion test also done. The surface hardness of coated grey cast iron (GG25) can be enhancing about 90% and the erosion resistance was increased by 67%.


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