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A scientific field trip

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The General Materials Engineering Branch, under the leadership of Mr. Jamal Jallal Dawood, Assistant Professor, along with Mr. Nizar Jabbar Abdul Ridha and Mr. Ammar Musa, conducted a scientific field trip for second-year students to the National Company for Chemical and Plastic Industries on Sunday, April 30, 2023. The purpose of the trip was to observe the company's operations, gain practical experience, and educate students on manufacturing and production processes. During the trip, four of the company's facilities were visited, including:

Plastic waste recycling plant, where the methods used in plastic waste recycling and how to handle it were demonstrated.

Single-use plastic container production plant, where the manufacturing process and the recycling of waste resulting from the production were shown.

Water tank production plant, where the stages of water tank production and the internal coating process were explained.

Pallet production plant, where the machines and equipment used in manufacturing and the benefits of pallets in packaging and storage were demonstrated.

At the end of the tour, Mr. Mohammed Hadi, the company's general manager, met with the students and explained the company's operations and available resources.


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