Wednesday, 28 December 2022 05:25

A patent


The head of the Department of Materials Engineering obtains a patent

The Head of the Department of Materials Engineering, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussain Alaa Jaber, received a patent titled "Synthesis of nano-sized substituted hydroxyapatite by using rare earth elements, magnesium, and zinc for bio-applications"


In this patent, a new biomaterial was invented which is hydroxyapatite substituted with rare earth elements, magnesium, and zinc, prepared in nano-size through wet chemical precipitation method, where 5% of calcium ions in hydroxyapatite were substituted with neodymium, cerium, magnesium ions and zinc. Several tests were carried out to characterize the prepared materials, and the biological properties were evaluated by examining the resistance of substituted hydroxyapatite to bacteria and fungi, in addition to testing the effect of the substance on normal cells and bone cancer cells. The results showed a new structure of hydroxyapatite after the substitution process and a significant improvement in the resistance of the substance to bacteria, fungi and bone cancer cells compared to the original material before the substitution process.


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