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Introductory seminar for fourth-year students

Materials Engineering Department at University of Technology held an introductory seminar for fourth-year students

   The Department of Materials Engineering held an introductory seminar on basic skills of the mechanisms of searching for employment opportunities in the Iraqi labor market, entitled Job Hunting Skills, on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, as part of the unit of the activities of the graduates follow-up in the department and in collaboration with the Rehabilitation and Employment Division at the university, with the participation of a group of fourth-grade students from various scientific disciplines. Mr. Mohammed Al-Bayati, Director of the Communication Unit and trainer specializing in labor market skills and entrepreneurship in the Rehabilitation and Employment Division, delivered the lecture in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Alzuhairi, who charge the Graduates Follow-up Unit of Materials Engineering Department.

At the symposium, the basic steps of the hiring process were broken down, and the following topics were also talked about:

  1. Commercial - electronically correspondences with companies, "correspondence skills."
  2. The mechanisms of building and writing a CV, "Building Of Resume".
  3. The main tips in the art of conducting job interviews in the private sector, "Tips for a Successful Interview."

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