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؛Participation in the discussion of a master's student


A member of The Teaching staff from the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology participates in the discussion of a master's student from Al-Mustansiriya University / College of Engineering
 Asst.Prof.Dr. Qahtan Adnan Hamad from the Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology in the discussion committee of the master’s student Balsam Mahmoud Shaker for her  thesis titled:
 "Studying the effect of biochar Additives on the Characterizations of Thermoset Composites"
Where the discussion was held on Monday 10/24/2022.
The discussion committee consisted of following Gentalmen:

1. Prof.Dr. Kazem Kamel Resan, as Chairman
2.  Asst.Prof.Dr. Yasser Khalil Ibrahim as Member
3.  Asst.Prof.Dr. Qahtan Adnan Hamad as Member
4. Prof. Dr. Raad Muzahim Fenjan, as member and supervisor

As well as evaluating the message scientifically by Prof. Dr. Jawad Kazem Aliwi/ University of Technology/ Materials Engineering Department and Prof. Dr. Student of Muhammad Nayef/ University of Technology/ Chemical Engineering Department, and linguistically by Asst. Prof.Dr Laila Ghaleb Abdel-Khaleq/Al-Mustansiriya University/College of Engineering/Department of Materials Engineering
After the discussion committee recorded their observations on the thesis, which were  between explanation and correction, the student’s defense of her thesis  and the end of the discussion, the committee went to evaluate the thesis and decided to grant the student a master’s degree in materials engineering with a pass  grade.

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